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B1A4 - In Dreams (꿈에)

Oh modeun ge kkeutnatjiman
Nae meorissogeneun nega isseo
Nae nuneun neol bol su eoptjiman 306 more words

Eddie Garrido - In a Dream

Eddie Garrido is a multi genre singer/songwriter/lyricist/composer focusing mostly on Soft Rock, Pop, Latin Jazz, Smooth Jazz and Christian Rock. Sometimes with a bit of a Latin flair. 87 more words

Smooth Jazz


July 24, 2014  by M. Talmage Moorehead

“If you don’t talk, Dad, people will assume the worst.”

Not long ago in a dream I was visited by a beautiful girl who was my girlfriend for two months during my junior year of high school.

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Check the DM's

It’s been quite a while since I’ve had one of those really vivid dreams that I still remember when I wake up, or the ones that wake me from my sleep. 289 more words


We don't do public affection

(This was a dream from January 2015)

I had the craziest dream in the early/mid morning hours. Before I get into it, let me paint the scene and people involved (names of places and people have been changed for obvious reasons): 782 more words


In A Dream - Prologue

Year 3000
Two screams filled the forest air. A high pitch and painful scream followed closely by a low yell were quickly silenced. Only one living thing heard their yells for help and she laughed. 267 more words