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We don't do public affection

(This was a dream from January 2015)

I had the craziest dream in the early/mid morning hours. Before I get into it, let me paint the scene and people involved (names of places and people have been changed for obvious reasons): 782 more words


In A Dream - Prologue

Year 3000
Two screams filled the forest air. A high pitch and painful scream followed closely by a low yell were quickly silenced. Only one living thing heard their yells for help and she laughed. 267 more words


All in a dream

It was near 1am, and I was tired. So tired that I peeled myself off the couch after dozing off earlier, turned off the lights in the living room and went upstairs to bed. 429 more words


#11 In a dream


I go to my Mum’s house

and find you standing in the kitchen

but I know it isn’t you.

You’re dead after all.

But I see my Mother’s face… 298 more words

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World Musician Mystic Pete Releases Newest Spiritual EDM Album "BassPop"

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