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In A Rush (Blackstreet)

Ab:  4x6544  Ab/C: 8xx89x
Bb7: 686766  B7:   797877
Gb:  2x4322  Gb':  xxx676 Gbm7: 9(11)9(10)9  
Db:  x46664  Ddim7:x56464 Dbm7: x46454
Ebm7:x68676  E:    x79997
Fm#5:x8xx99  Fm7: x8(10)898… 354 more words

15 Minute Makeup Routine

As a college student, I always want to sleep in. However, my need for sleep and my love of makeup do not mix very well. If I want to go full plastic, doing my makeup takes about an hour. 351 more words

In A Rush

The "Joys" Of Oversleeping

We’ve all done it right? Come on, admit it. It happens. Some of you are probably nodding in agreement now. You probably even know the “joys” I’m about to mention, don’t you? 563 more words

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