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Express Daylight Savings Makeover

Remember that whole time change thing? If you’re like me you went to bed too late on Saturday night (1:59 suddenly turned into 3:00 am) and then overslept on Sunday. 580 more words



I know that we are all busy people and that sometimes we just have to get things done quick orĀ are just very lazy….So today, I thought that I would share my 5 products to look put together when you’re in a rush. 258 more words


Soooo NOT a Morning Person!

Sat here waiting… Waiting for the Lil Princess to get ready for school…
I’m up before the crack of dawn, rushing around like a blue arsed fly, trying to do lunches, get uniforms and school bags ready, so when the kids descend, it’s a simple process, teeth, breakfast, wash face, change, hair done, coats on, out the door! 383 more words


Are You Worried About Speed or The Direction In Which You're Headed

Many of us are moved by what someone else glorifies. There are a lot of us who are fascinated with the destination of others which in turn diminishes the beauty in how we view ourselves. 528 more words


In A Rush Favorites

I don’t know about you but time management isn’t one of my strengths. If I really have to I’m usually on time but not without being in a total rush. 596 more words

Don't Wait to Lose Weight - a few exercises to help you lose those extra pounds on a BUSY SCHEDULE

With the changing generation, everybody is out of place. Everybody wants the perfect body and will risk anything for it. Whether that means working out to the core of exhaustion or going through starvation for weeks. 590 more words