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Auspol and the budget

When the best thing about the abysmal 2016 federal budget (not sure what’s happening there) is Leigh Sales grilling and roasting Treasurer Scott Morrison on 7:30. 412 more words


Dating isn't what it used to be!

Again, a heads up to you.. this is NOT a censored blog… IF swears and sexual subjects are offensive to you, PLEASE do NOT read my posts… This edition has clips from emails sent to me… they are NOT pleasant or even funny… so PLEASE don’t read me if you get offended….   852 more words

Ghosting is a "thing" now...

So, what constitutes a first date? In 30 words or less can someone tell me?  I obviously don’t know, and can’t read any signs from men. 621 more words

Oodles of Zoodles

Cooking is the biggest form of therapy and procrastination for me. Especially when you’re cooking and you’ve banished the rest of the family to their rooms so you can blast music and dance around. 700 more words


Mommy has a date

So, I have a date tomorrow.

Yes, I’m attempting “this” again.

He runs his own small business.

He makes me laugh.

Haven’t seen a dick picture AT all… 373 more words

brown eyes appreciation post

I have brown eyes. I consider them black because they’re so dark. I often joke that my eyes are black, much like my soul. And it is a little sardonic. 606 more words


In nature

We travel, not to escape life; but for life to not escape us.

9:00 am sharp. It’s 15 degrees outside. The Audi is packed. The road trip playlist is already blasting. 346 more words