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Of friends, snakes, and neighborhoods.

I don’t really know much about anything. People who know me would disagree and sometimes try to tell me how that’s not true and I shouldn’t be so modest and whatnot, but people are in general easily fooled when someone is loud, sounds confident, and tends to have an urge to talk a lot in a manner that sounds like they actually have something intelligent going on in their heads. 1,959 more words


It seems that every blog somehow reaches this point.

There are stages of a blog:

  1. The moment you are excited and post every day.
  2. The moment you start slowing down…
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Saying “No” to Media Over-Coverage of Science

When does a science story “end”? Never, probably. Science keeps voyaging on eternally in search of truth, and few if any stories in science truly “end”. 1,482 more words

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Silent Clock

The ceaseless ticking of a clock would be a welcome break to the constantly clicking mice laid beside the clacking keyboards which sit before the gabbing mouths of the people who look just like I do. 668 more words

In All Seriousness

Be the change. Or the cash.

People are not the ones who wait for others to change, we are the ones who change others.

There’s a quote that means a lot to me. 332 more words


Dreams are not just for sleep.

Let’s go to a serious post. This won’t happen very often, so I’ll try to make the most of it.

Have you ever said, ‘I want to be a ____,” to someone? 490 more words

Things Your Home Daycare Provider Wants To Tell You

  • We love your children. As much as a teacher may come to care for a child she has in her class, she usually only has that child for a part of a year and then they move on to another.
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