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Dear little apartment

Dear little apartment,

Almost 3 years has gone by since I first stepped into your front door. Tomorrow night is our last night here, and I just wanted to reflect on the times we’ve had. 224 more words


Blame it

I am nineteen years old. I live in Sydney. And I’ve never gotten drunk. I must be a national horror. Laugh at me all you want. 1,311 more words


The equality agenda

We stand for equality, here in Australia.

I think that’s a joke.

For the past two weeks, the following things have headlined Australian media stations nationally: Donald Trump and his frankly disastrous grip on America and its politics, terrorism, Princess Diana (yes we’re part of the Commonwealth, but what did she do for Australia?) and lastly, the fact that marriage equality is going round in circles between old white men in parliament. 500 more words


Addressing the issue

I wanted to talk a little more today about Toby’s pica. If you guys missed the blog about it, Toby has pica and I will leave the link as well as some others down below for you to check out. 252 more words

In All Seriousness...


Life must be a funny thing if a nineteen year old has stopped wishing for happiness.

Food for thought? Maybe.

Xx Simran


Someone broke my brain.  Fine, it was me.  I broke it.

Periodically, and for no justifiable reason, my brain tries to make me crazy. Not my normal brand of crazy, made up of social anxiety and occasional depression, but insane-crazy. 1,900 more words

Mild Insanity

Isolation is a Self-Imposed Prison. And I Love my Cell.

I have been MIA from my blog for almost a year, and I feel I should explain why.  All of you who follow me on social media see only what I want you to see, as is true of all of us.   2,331 more words

In All Seriousness...