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Let's be real here...

Hello everybody. I’m gunna take this blog to talk to all those wives who are trying to become mommies just like me. Let’s talk, shall we? 463 more words

A Little Fertility!

A little time and patience...

Good evening my readers! Tonight has been a busy night, and I’ve sure had a ton of things on my mind. I’ve been trying out different “period tracking apps” because honestly, that’s the only way I can keep track. 224 more words

A Little Fertility!

Let's Be Real

What is perfection?

Well, it’s an illusion. There is no such thing. That does not mean we don’t try. It does not mean we do not attempt to make people believe we are something that we are not. 819 more words

In All Seriousness


First, a moment of silence for Freezersaurus (2009-2016); Rest In Recycling. This week we close the door on our years of arctic antics together. A new, uncertain relationship is beginning, with our diversity of icy inhabitants hanging in the balance. 721 more words

In All Seriousness

On confidence

“I wouldn’t wear that if I were you. Your shoulders are too broad.”

“Has Simran gained weight?”

“Has Simran lost weight? She needs to eat more.” 954 more words


on the election

Firstly, sorry i’ve been MIA. My finals took so much out of me and I’ve been a zombie for the past three weeks.

Also, this post is controversial. 1,841 more words


Just Say No...Or Yes

NO is a word we find ourselves saying all to often. Especially if we have children.

No you cannot eat candy before you go to bed. 750 more words

In All Seriousness