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I’m Sorry It Seems Like I Hate You: 10 Things I Wish People Knew About Not Being ‘Bubbly’

1. We (falsely) associate being outgoing with being a good person.

The world loves bubbly, outgoing extroverts who can make small talk with anyone and instantly make you feel like you’re old friends. 831 more words

Being a CNA

Certified Nursing Assistants deserve the utmost respect and appreciation. I recently saw a commercial for Johnson & Johnson that thanked nurses. Many of the practices that it mentioned applied to nursing assistants, as well. 873 more words

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Raw Talent

For me, the pinnacle of success would be writing for Cracked (not really). Unfortunately, my only experience in writing involves exceptional grades, obsessing over lists, writing long anecdotes on my Facebook page, and a novel that I can’t get anywhere with because I don’t particularly like my ideas for it. 651 more words

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Thawing Out Ideas on Research Management

This is a follow-up post to my earlier one and also weaves into my post on “success” (with a little overlap). I am sharing my thoughts on this topic of research management, because I try to always keep myself learning about doing and managing research, and this blog serves as a set of notes as I learn; so why not share them too? 2,306 more words

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Giant Pandas, Giant Problems

This is scary.

The number of giant pandas left in the world is almost the same as the number of Panda Expresses.

What does that say about humanity? 257 more words

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Honouring Alexander

Maybe it’s uncool to talk about heroes in science these days, because everyone is poised on others’ shoulders, but “Neill” (Robert McNeill) Alexander is undeniably a hero to many researchers in biomechanics and other strands of biology. 1,564 more words

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Top Secret : Why Choose Redefining Random as a Title?

Let’s do some throwback times shall we?

I vividly remember the time I faced the blue banner of WordPress, asking me for a title. A few seconds later, I had already typed in two words, …

113 more words