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Down for the count

Depression hit me hard today. I had to have Marcus make me into a sushi roll (he rolled me up in our comforter) to make me feel semi okay. 208 more words


Welcome to my thoughts

Today is one of those days where I kinda want to get out and do something, but at the same time I kinda don’t. I’m having a bit of a struggle with myself today which really sucks. 371 more words

In All Seriousness...

Not too funny.. but.. well... hopeful??

A few have asked about the breakfast date today… It was pretty good… surprisingly…. There is a bit of a back story to this guy…. For those who might remember the ” Thanks for reminding me of what is out there.” guy…… here is a post to our “first” date… … 268 more words


I’m sorry I’ve been so vacant. New content is coming soon, I promise



I’ve been thinking a lot lately. Now hear me out if you will. I’m so happy and excited for all of you wonderful ladies that are finding out about becoming a momma, or are already moms and such. 417 more words

In All Seriousness...


Two anxiety attacks, alone all day today, and on top of all that I’ve been crying on and off and couldn’t tell you why. Marcus’s schedule keeps changing, and it’s not an easy thing to deal with for the both of us. 230 more words


It's not pretty...

I’ve been super lazy today to tell you the truth. But, I do have a reason why, besides the migraine I’ve been battling on and off. 422 more words