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A Day in the Life of John

As a person who has transitioned from the “simple life” (haha) of a grad student to postdoc to younger and then more experienced faculty member in academia/science, I constantly ponder how I spend my time. 2,110 more words

In All Seriousness

Darwin the Human

A personal story here for Darwin Day 2018. I knew about as much about Charles Robert Darwin as any typical science-interested student when I was growing up. 1,139 more words

In All Seriousness

Mental meltdown

Well, this was not how I wanted this evening to go. I have been having a good day all day. Shipped out a package full of product, and spent time with my best friend and nephew. 194 more words



I don’t think I understood what a roller coaster truly was until I embarked on a journey titled 2017.

This is the first year where I have hardened so much: physically, emotionally and mentally. 264 more words



So, it has come to my attention that a near and dear person has Narcolepsy. I was informed of this the other day, to which I also found out they are being put down and made fun of for it by family. 176 more words

In All Seriousness...


NEW CONTENT COMING SOON! The tragedy of exam season is real right now.

In the mean while, I wanted to share with you, a new project that I’m exceptionally proud to be a part of. 186 more words


Dear little apartment

Dear little apartment,

Almost 3 years has gone by since I first stepped into your front door. Tomorrow night is our last night here, and I just wanted to reflect on the times we’ve had. 224 more words