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Thawing Out Ideas on Research Management

This is a follow-up post to my earlier one and also weaves into my post on “success” (with a little overlap). I am sharing my thoughts on this topic of research management, because I try to always keep myself learning about doing and managing research, and this blog serves as a set of notes as I learn; so why not share them too? 2,217 more words

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Giant Pandas, Giant Problems

This is scary.

The number of giant pandas left in the world is almost the same as the number of Panda Expresses.

What does that say about humanity? 257 more words

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Honouring Alexander

Maybe it’s uncool to talk about heroes in science these days, because everyone is poised on others’ shoulders, but “Neill” (Robert McNeill) Alexander is undeniably a hero to many researchers in biomechanics and other strands of biology. 1,564 more words

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Top Secret : Why Choose Redefining Random as a Title?

Let’s do some throwback times shall we?

I vividly remember the time I faced the blue banner of WordPress, asking me for a title. A few seconds later, I had already typed in two words, …

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In Search of Hashtag

For about 3 years now I’ve used the #WIJF (i.e. acronym for What’s In John’s Freezer) hashtag to organize my social media efforts on this blog. 540 more words

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Beating the Bloat of Honorary Co-Authorship, a Blight upon Science

If you’ve been working in science for long enough, perhaps not very long at all, you’ve heard about (or witnessed) scientists in your field who get listed as co-authors on papers for political reasons alone. 3,340 more words

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Of friends, snakes, and neighborhoods.

I don’t really know much about anything. People who know me would disagree and sometimes try to tell me how that’s not true and I shouldn’t be so modest and whatnot, but people are in general easily fooled when someone is loud, sounds confident, and tends to have an urge to talk a lot in a manner that sounds like they actually have something intelligent going on in their heads. 1,959 more words