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Does the early bird actually get the worm? 

In defence of those who wake up early.

On a day to day basis, I’m up at 5am. Even on days when I don’t have work or university. 1,136 more words


This is life

Today, is a rough one to say the least. Not all my days are happy, bright, and full of sunshine. Lets take today, for example. Peed on a stick this morning and of course it came back BFN (big freakin nope), got hit with a huge amount of knowledge that I didn’t expect which is hard to take in, been by myself all day (Marcus came home for an hour and then left for his second half of work) so it’s rather lonely minus the dogs. 164 more words


On a serious note...

Hey there. This is yet another post for my ladies out there TTC (trying to conceive). The Christmas season is upon us, and I’m pretty much seeing just about everybody getting their BFP’s (big freaking positives). 203 more words


street harassment

*Just to be clear, this isn’t a male bashing post. But I am affected by recent events in my life and it may sound like a male bashing post. 751 more words


COLDPLAY 14.12.16

I’m sore and tired and at work on three hours of sleep. My body hurts from all the dancing and my voice is hoarse and weak from the screaming and singing. 90 more words


An open letter to 2016


Honestly, I don’t know how to summarise you. You went too quickly, but at times, not quick enough. You were a surprisingly tasty but strong concoction of reality, happiness, fear, struggle and success. 1,070 more words