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Worship In Waiting Rooms

Fluorescent lights. A little girl screaming while her parents tell the receptionist they think her leg is broken. A woman with a bloodied face holding back tears while speaking with a police officer. 434 more words

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When the seas roar and the storms rage around me, when things are not as I think they should be, when confusion sets in on every side, when the enemy gets into my head and begins to whisper defeat, failure and despair, I simply look up, stand up and remember who I am in Christ! 501 more words

To be or not to be - Born Again

I am sounding an alarm to our western Christian culture!   Look out and over this vast congregation, and you will notice there is a wildfire spreading at a disturbing rate!  747 more words

In Christ

Be a good one!

As you may recall from my post ‘Be all there’ I collect quotes. Another of my favourite quotes is:
‘Whatever you are be a good one’ 737 more words

No More Condemnation!

This is the best news you can ever hear! To condemn is to declare to be reprehensible, wrong, or evil usually after weighing evidence and without reservation. 242 more words



As I was laying in bed, scrolling through Pinterest, I scrolled past a few quotes – and conviction set in. PRAY(ER). As Christian, we tend to use this word (or phrase) loosely. 391 more words

In Christ

Thievery among Us!

Did you know that there are thieves among us in the Christian community?  It is an obscure thing hidden in the mix – very craftily.  Who are these thieves you ask?   387 more words

In Christ