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IN: an invitation to come and see

“If you had known. . . , you would not have condemned the innocent.” The words jump off the page at me.

“The innocent?” I want to object. 956 more words

God's Love


Last night I realized that I’ve been slapping God in the face.

It’s a harsh metaphor, perhaps. But that was how strongly I felt it. 1,436 more words

No Turning Back - War, Whether We Want It Or Not

Words hold power……Scripture teaches us that over and over.

Mr. Obama spoke from Turkey this morning. I listened carefully, not only to what he said but at the overall tone, quality, strength and conviction in his words. 698 more words


In Christ

One of the most powerful phrases in the New Testament is “In Christ”. Before I understood the simple reality of this phrase; many of God’s promises seemed mysterious or even unattainable to me. 555 more words


Who Are You?

How much thought have you given to your Christian identity?

It’s like this – we can either think and live as Christians or we can live and think like practical atheists.  204 more words


Anxious Thoughts 

Anxious thoughts find their way into the quiet moments, the loud moments, the fearful moments and especially the tired moments of your life.

Accompanied by fear driven emotions, anxious thoughts can so easily lead you down the dark road of restlessness.  296 more words

Just A Minute