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A-Z Film Challenge: Day Nine

After a quiet weekend, time to get on with it, and the letter ‘I’. Lots to choose from here, with all those ‘Is’ and ‘Its’. I have left out plenty of films for you to consider, so please add your personal choices in the comments. 849 more words


The White City's Blueprint: The Architecture of Larson's Narrative Nonfiction

In Janet Maslin’s New York Times review of The Devil in the White City, she claims that Erik Larson avoids the risk of “turning into a random compendium.” For all of his density of detail, Larson does manage to avoid that risk, creating instead a gripping dual narrative—one that succeeds, as Maslin asserts that it does—but not by using what Maslin cites as tactics that might ordinarily seem “alarming.” Rather the techniques that Larson employs are among the very building blocks of contemporary narrative. 549 more words


A Throwback! Inspired by 'In Cold Blood'

This piece is a throwback! I wrote this in 2009 when I was at sixth-form college – it’s a piece of coursework for my English A-Level.

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No 592 The Grass Harp by Truman Capote

‘Do you hear? That is the grass harp, always telling a story – it knows the stories of all the people on the hill, of all the people who ever lived, and when we are dead it will tell ours too.’

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The 746

Weekly TBR Additions (11. April 2017.)

A weekly feature in which I tell you about the new books I added to my TBR. 

Lots of cool new books this week. I’ve been getting back into Booktube, so lots of new recommendations came from there. 608 more words