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In Defense Of: The Black Cauldron

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Negative Review

In Defense of The Human Target

For about two months during 1992 we got the Human Target on TV. It was enough to make an impression on me.

The series followed the premise of the comics – a body double, a stand in who also acted as a body guard and took on cases one else would touch, but then departed from the old P.I.  532 more words


In Defense Of 'Back To The Future Part III'

After a lot of Facebook fake-outs, it’s finally, actually Back to the Future Day. While everyone online is celebrating the technical achievements predicted in Part II… 878 more words


In Defense of Genesis

I’m so glad we hit horror so hard this year. I was surprised last year when this column was mostly Sci-Fi. Still, I think it’s time for something different. 807 more words


In Defense of Event Horizon

Would you believe that I’ve only recently become aware that this is regarded as a bad movie?

Seriously I don’t get it. You have gore, you have terror, you have a haunted house in space along with Sam Neil, Lawrence Fishbourne and the son of the Third Doctor Who. 2,084 more words


In Defense of Vampires : Los Muertos

There’s a sort of conventional wisdom that says sequels are bad, and musicians can’t act and vampires are romantic. It’s that very kind of stereotype that makes me do these kind of columns. 238 more words