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In Defense of the Jumpsuit

In Defense of the Jumpsuit
an essay by Kayten Schmidt

To me, a jumpsuit is that rare garment that is at once utilitarian and luxurious. Uncomplicated, it is something you can remove in one grand gesture—unzip and your outfit falls to the floor. 235 more words


In Defense of Rick Bota

We’re continuing with the Hellraiser theme this week, but I’m lumping a bunch of films into one. You see, this is a defense of Rick Bota. 957 more words


In Defense of X- Force

X-Force doesn’t always get the respect it deserves for two reasons.

One : Rob Liefield. The man is hated beyond reason. I understand he rubs some folks the wrong way and that he’s not the greatest artist ever, but his astetic practaclly defined the 90’s and that can’t be denied. 255 more words

Comic Books

In Defense of Loving Horses

So yesterday, my good buddy Jonny published a post that I feel the need to respond to.

It’s kind of a funny joke that he and another friend of ours always say they don’t like girls who like horses. 616 more words

Review: Marilyn Manson - The Pale Emperor

Take a trip down memory lane with me.  The year is 1995.  I’m watching MTV with my buddy and a video starts.  Some clown covered in bird shit with makeup all over his face is screaming at the camera. 982 more words


In Defense of the Patriots

Casual sports conversations typically devolve in three ways: The first is the fan bro-down, in which two fans of the same team talk about “our” struggles as a franchise, complain about certain players, and riot at coaching decisions. 871 more words