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In Defense of Event Horizon

Would you believe that I’ve only recently become aware that this is regarded as a bad movie?

Seriously I don’t get it. You have gore, you have terror, you have a haunted house in space along with Sam Neil, Lawrence Fishbourne and the son of the Third Doctor Who. 2,084 more words


In Defense of Vampires : Los Muertos

There’s a sort of conventional wisdom that says sequels are bad, and musicians can’t act and vampires are romantic. It’s that very kind of stereotype that makes me do these kind of columns. 238 more words


In Defense of Hellraiser Inferno

I’ve saved Inferno for last because it’s far more unusual for a Hellraiser film than it appears. It’s easier to defend from an objective point of view than it is as a Hellraiser fan actually. 826 more words


In Defense of... Lavalval Chain

(I think I’m back to my regular posting schedule.  Something new every Friday.)

So Chain was banned yesterday (July 16, 2015).  Why?

It was used in OTK/FTK loops, but almost always in multiples.   222 more words


In Defense of... Thousand-Eyes Restrict

The first part of what may or may not become a series, where I state why I believe a card should not be placed on the forbidden/limited list.   763 more words


In Defense of Dracula 2000

I’m well aware of the hate for this movie. I  tend to think that this comes down to expectations perhaps. there’s always a lot of “How dare they” and “Who do they think they are claiming this to be a sequal to Dracula?” (I get that. 471 more words