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In Defense of the High-Rise Boyjean

In Defense of the High-Rise Boyjean
an essay by Meredith Chamberlain

I’m loyal to a high waist. The right pair has the power to make me stand up straight, hold myself more confidently. 248 more words


In Defense of Wearing Soft Clothes, 7 Days a Week

In Defense of Wearing Soft Clothes, 7 Days a Week
an essay by Olivia Villanti

While growing up in my vaguely hippie hometown of Rhinebeck, New York, the dressed-up shoe of choice was a Dansko clog. 398 more words


In Defense of Arms' Motion Controls

When you talk about motion controls, people tend to have horrible flashbacks to the Wii era where nothing was ever responsive and it always felt tacked on. 88 more words


In Defense of 'Martha'

It’s been over a year since Warner Brothers dropped Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice on a bewildered public, and to this day I still see and hear weak jabs at the infamous ‘Martha’ scene. 613 more words


In Defense of Short Fiction

In last week’s post about sorting fiction by length, I mentioned my (strong) feelings on brief fiction, and so this week is all about those (strong) feelings. 946 more words


A response | Zoe Sugg: The Vlogger blamed for teenagers reading more...

… is what the headline for the new article  from The Guardian should say.

Like anyone with a social media account, I am very much aware who Zoella is but I have never been a “fan” or watcher of her videos. 649 more words

Young Adult


On the eve of the launch of our new line of intimates, we consulted our bud Hayley Phelan, who’s written for the New York Times… 302 more words