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white house is in denial Trump made it a point going after African American players

nothing is surprising or shocking at all. all Trump does is come off like a Broke Don Rickles  Gone wrong.

the reality is that the White House is just that, a WHite House with a Close Minded… 56 more words

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In denial: Hollyweird execs blame Rotten Tomatoes for their demise — Fellowship of the Minds

Yeah, riiiiiight. I’m sure it has nothing to do with movie ticket prices, the unoriginality of movies and media/online competition. Oh, and then there’s this: Hollyweird “power players” whine about Trump Hollyweird “stars” who want our taxes to pay for Planned Parenthood abortions Hollyweird hypocrites make a “glamorous” stand against gun violence at gala President Trump nixes Paris […]

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10am Friday

A scan through my body (as part of an hourly minute of meditation (or maybe just mindfulness)) revealed:

  • Resentment in my cheeks
  • (the results of) Greed in my belly…
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In Denial

When you’ve been taken for granted

Inumerable times in the past,

You find it perplexing

That true love existed

And was finally offered to you at last. 96 more words



Due to some … so-called public services I have been out of it for a while now.

Many things I did fell by the way side and even my poetic side has been missing for a fair old while now. 2,584 more words

All I can do is Walk Away

Some things are extremely hard to take lightly. Especially when it comes to dealing with people who are constantly bugging you about what THEY believe to be the solution to your child’s problems. 674 more words


In a world of their own

Captain Joshua Slocum, on his solo voyage around the world, reached the Cape of Good Hope in the last week of December 1897 and, soon afterwards, met a politician in denial. 503 more words