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Due to some … so-called public services I have been out of it for a while now.

Many things I did fell by the way side and even my poetic side has been missing for a fair old while now. 2,584 more words


In two press conferences last week, US President Donald Trump avoided answering reporters’ questions about the undeniable spike in antisemitic incidents in America during his campaign for the presidency, an alarming trend that continues to concern the world Jewish community. 674 more words

Daily News

All I can do is Walk Away

Some things are extremely hard to take lightly. Especially when it comes to dealing with people who are constantly bugging you about what THEY believe to be the solution to your child’s problems. 674 more words


In a world of their own

Captain Joshua Slocum, on his solo voyage around the world, reached the Cape of Good Hope in the last week of December 1897 and, soon afterwards, met a politician in denial. 503 more words


Pet Peeve

It’s been a pleasure to ponder
although yet an unsolved mystery
weighing heavily on my head
within my solitude

Don’t say you’re in denial
and bury me instead… 11 more words


In denial and in disgust - investment consultants and the FCA.

I went to the Vuelio blogger awards last night, which was fun, young, female and loud. I learned that I am unusual in not making money out of my blog and that I could make this a mobile advertising platform for everybody. 1,028 more words


"Um..My GF is black, so I can't be racist or sexist. I can call that n!---r & a c-n+"

Some white guys think that once they date a black woman it is okay to make racially insensitive jokes. Why? Because they CAN’T be racist, they have a black gf, you know? 102 more words