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I edited my poem ‘In Denial’.

This is another autobiographical poem. It’s about some of the stuff I went through when I was coming out and starting to be open about my sexuality. 69 more words


News Corp magazine's provocative ad for interns an 'error in judgment': News Corp denies the truth of their thinking.

Ad featuring photograph of young woman in lingerie posed on a bed, headlined ‘Interns wanted’, since removed 234 more words

Murdoch Media

Good Idea, Bad Idea

We’ve all been there…..

Something happens and you make an impulsive, on the spot decision which proves to be not really the smartest move in the world.   799 more words


I Must Be in Denial

I am constantly grappling with why I get 234 comments in: ‘Dinosaur Extracts’ Hobbies category, from people I’ve never met, and virtually nothing from people I comment to on my Reader?   325 more words


In Denial?

For better understanding you may want to read About This Blog first.

When we received Aaron’s death certificate  it read “cause of death undetermined” meaning the coroner had not completed his findings on the cause of death. 914 more words


From The Heart

On April 29, 2008 my son Aaron walked against the traffic on the main highway leading out of town. Head bent down texting a friend, “it’s over”, he then walked in front of a truck and was killed instantly. 637 more words



“I can’t say with certainty when our marriage began to fall apart. The truth is, I probably just wasn’t paying attention.”

Miko rubbed his chin and continued to look slightly confused. 393 more words

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