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Pet Peeve

It’s been a pleasure to ponder
although yet an unsolved mystery
weighing heavily on my head
within my solitude

Don’t say you’re in denial
and bury me instead… 11 more words


In denial and in disgust - investment consultants and the FCA.

I went to the Vuelio blogger awards last night, which was fun, young, female and loud. I learned that I am unusual in not making money out of my blog and that I could make this a mobile advertising platform for everybody. 1,028 more words


"Um..My GF is black, so I can't be racist or sexist. I can call that n!---r & a c-n+"

Some white guys think that once they date a black woman it is okay to make racially insensitive jokes. Why? Because they CAN’T be racist, they have a black gf, you know? 102 more words

US Lawmakers to UNESCO: Do Not Rewrite Jerusalem’s History

A bipartisan group of US lawmakers sent a letter on Monday to the Executive Board of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) condemning an upcoming “blatantly biased resolution” denying the historically Jewish nature of Jerusalem and its holy sites. 195 more words


Why we should stop saying people are "in denial"

“Well,” she said over a cup of coffee. “She’s just in denial about him.”

When someone uses a buzzword, I tend to stop listening. People say someone’s “in denial” all too frequently, especially when it comes to any kind of sickness. 375 more words


Reading glasses

I seriously do not know whether or not to go to Specsavers…(of course I do but don’t want to). I need to find a way to improve my eyesight (hopefully). 93 more words


Second Beta Results

314 or 334 – I don’t remember because I was too relieved to hear it was over 300!

Now I have an ultrasound scheduled for the end of February and that’s SO FAR. 127 more words