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Quiet and in Denial

In my marriage I wasn’t allowed to speak about our issues and my husband’s family’s issues. In a way I understood but my parents have always told me to never keep anything inside, if it bothered me then I should talk about it. 542 more words

Emotional Abuse

Dua pilihanraya kecil: Pemimpin BN tepis dan nafi


Rompin: PAS utuh, Umno dah mula berkecai

Permatang Pauh: Pakatan masih boleh bertahan, Umno tidak memperoleh kelebihan daripada kemelut di antara parti pembangkang (DAP and PAS bercakaran) beserta persaingan dalaman parti (melibatkan PKR, juga PAS) 18 more words


06-May-2015 03:30

It’s been Gershwin for the last four days. Gershwin on the way to work, Gershwin on the way home and Gershwin while I sleep. Just Gershwin. 147 more words


Good Idea, Bad Idea

We’ve all been there…..

Something happens and you make an impulsive, on the spot decision which proves to be not really the smartest move in the world.   799 more words


I Must Be in Denial

I am constantly grappling with why I get 234 comments in: ‘Dinosaur Extracts’ Hobbies category, from people I’ve never met, and virtually nothing from people I comment to on my Reader?   325 more words


In Denial?

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When we received Aaron’s death certificate  it read “cause of death undetermined” meaning the coroner had not completed his findings on the cause of death. 914 more words