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Super Mario Party 8 (plus special MASTERBATOR) U rating (suitable for all)

It is on the Wii!!!
Super Mario Party 8 is soon out and i have a very funny video for you, Super Mario Party 8 is the same as the older versions except with new games, controls and whole new scenes this is a great game for having your freinds over click her to watch more.


Battalion Wars 2 Wii

Battalion Wars 2 is a free for all war game where you can use as much or as little strategy  as you want.

The game is based in real time so most of the weapons are the same, all you have to do is select and click to attack. 48 more words


Prince of Persia: Rival Swords Preview!!! Calm Down!!!!

The new prince of Persia game is an exact copy of The Two Thrones. The main and only thing changed is the graphics and the controls. 71 more words


Pokemon roms info

Now the latest pokemon game has got people everywhere trying to get the pokemon rom for Pearl and Diamond well the truth is that you can only get a good rom on limewire… 62 more words


Duke Nukem out for DS

Duke Nukem (some guy with glasses and a gun) will be released on th NDS/DS as a 3D version. I think that this is not a bad idea so i might buy or download the rom. Nice game!