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Closing Up: In Development Part 2

Now that the actual development of the game Closing Up! has begun, i want to talk a little about what the progress has been so far, and what i am up to other than developing the game. 288 more words

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Water Shader Progress

While exploring ways to create water waves that looks appealing while not being too demanding, I found two ways to do this; simplex noise and using multiple height maps for waves. 172 more words

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In Development: Adventures in Film, Volume Ten

My next roll of film picks up from the exact same spot that my prior roll ended. The last shot of that roll of Ektar was shot at 1/60s at f/5.6, which put the shadows in the canyon in zone 4 (one stop underexposed) and the clouds in the sky in zone 8+ (at least three stops overexposed). 591 more words


Dutch Harbor Secret Shop

A “Dutchie” has sent us this photo of a secret shop near Dutch Harbor where Bandit Boat is handcrafting an IF sailboat. They also sent some photos of other projects at the location, including the Boss 665, a houseboat, several freight carrying vessels, and an unusual hull. 18 more words

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Firefly Online

Firefly Online is a social role playing game (RPG) based on Firefly, Joss Whedon’s cult-hit television series. Firefly Online (FFO) is currently in development.

Firefly Online Dev Log Hasn’t been Updated since December of 2015, 33 more words


In Development: Adventures in Film, Volume Nine

My ninth roll of film was shot on Kodak Ektar during my trip to Utah that I alluded to in my prior post. I talked in that last post about how frustrated I had been with the scans from the lab. 941 more words


ZSK Project Creates Excitement at Spurness

Pilots at Archerfield in Spurness that have seen the ZSK private jet in development have said that the craft may be the best yet.

“It’s hard to beat the B-17,” said one excited mechanic at the airfield, “but this one is amazing! 31 more words

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