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In Development: Adventures in Film, Volume Three

My third roll of film picks up right where my second roll of film left off.  The final frame in my second roll (HP5) was of an old greyhound bus depot in Five Points with a man on a bike riding past an alley and out of the frame. 1,346 more words


In Development: Adventures in Film, Volume Two

My first roll of film with my Mamiya 7 II was primarily shot for experimentation. I was trying to answer questions like how much underexposure and overexposure the film could handle, how accurate the meter in the Mamiya was, how difficult it was to get accurate focus, etc. 402 more words


In Development: Adventures in Film, Volume One

I got my first set of film back from the lab on Monday, and I couldn’t be more enthused! I was being careful to keep my expectations low, because I’m very much aware that it’s going to take several iterations to get a hang of the Mamiya 7 II’s meter, the characteristics of various types of film, etc. 816 more words


February 2016 - Work in Progress

Hello all, here are a small collection of images showing what we in the 3 Commando Brigade mod team are currently working on:

Desert Disruptive Pattern Material (DDPM) Units – 61 more words

In Development

He said, she said...

One thing that has surfaced in the conversations so far that has left me pleasantly curious is our perception of time.

“I think that 5 years is a really long time in this world…” 176 more words

In Development

Beyond Good & Evil 2 Still Happening

Beyond Good & Evil 2, the highly anticipated action-adventure game from Ubisoft is still in development, says director Michel Ancel. 199 more words