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​Pharrell Williams Musical Atlantis in Development

Musicals are making a strong comeback to the big screen, whether in sequels (Mary Poppins Returns), live-action versions of animated classics (most recently Beauty and the Beast), or simply new stories to tell with a big dose of singing and dancing (such as award-winning La La Land). 345 more words


ZSK Mechanic Tests Comfiness, Production Manager Wears Face Palm All Day

Another photo was leaked of someone enjoying the comfort of ZSK’s new jet – this time from a mechanic on staff at ZSK.

“My head hurts from this guy,” said the production manager.

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ZSK Jet Stuns Adventurers

Adventure travelers were stunned to see the latest ZSK plane in development flying around a volcano in the Tulagi area last week.

“I guess it was in trials,” said one traveler who was flying a rented P-40 at the time. 52 more words


Febuary 2017

A couple of additions to our small arms & accessories. A new updated version of the L129A1 Sharpshooter Rifle & the ACOG TA648-308.

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In Development: Adventures in Film, Volume Eleven

I’ve been complaining about lab scans a lot in my recent posts. Of the rolls of landscape shots on the Mamiya 7 II that I’ve showed so far, only a couple of the scans I received from the lab were usable in my opinion. 926 more words



These are a few things I am working on/researching/investigating/pursuing/practising this year:

  1. The Artist as Driver / conversations with independent artists on culture and the arts in Australia.
  2. 48 more words