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In Development: Adventures in Film, Volume Seven

I mentioned near the end of my last post that I was about to fly to Chicago when I was finishing up that roll of film. 589 more words


In Development: Adventures in Film, Volume Six

For my sixth roll of film, I experimented with pushing film for the first time. “Pushing” refers to the process of deliberately underexposing your images and then compensating for the underexposure in development. 1,020 more words


Autosave Update

Updated to 1.1:

  • Added customisable save keys (doubleclick app)
  • Fixed the limit on save timer (100s > 10000s)

Note: Uninstall any older version before upgrading.

Get it here

In Development

Heat Up

Two things I’ve always wanted to work on are a spaceship game and a racing game. This is a step towards both of these, albeit not that big of a game. 275 more words

In Development


I created a new tool for my friend who keeps losing hours of progress on his art projects. It presses ctrl + s for the user every x seconds if the right application window is in focus, written in C#.

Check it out here!

In Development

In Development: Adventures in Film, Volume Five

After sending my first four rolls of film to 120 Processing for developing and scanning, I loaded an old roll of Kodak Portra 160 NC that had expired in 2005. 525 more words


Don't touch!

Google ATAP (Advanced Technology And Projects) has been working on something called Project Soli – which uses miniature radar to pick up and track minute gestures that can be used to control devices without touching them. 145 more words

Control Methods