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ZSK Jet Stuns Adventurers

Adventure travelers were stunned to see the latest ZSK plane in development flying around a volcano in the Tulagi area last week.

“I guess it was in trials,” said one traveler who was flying a rented P-40 at the time. 52 more words


Febuary 2017

A couple couple of additions to our small arms & accessories. A new updated version of the L129A1 Sharpshooter Rifle & the ACOG TA648-308.

In Development

In Development: Adventures in Film, Volume Eleven

I’ve been complaining about lab scans a lot in my recent posts. Of the rolls of landscape shots on the Mamiya 7 II that I’ve showed so far, only a couple of the scans I received from the lab were usable in my opinion. 926 more words



These are a few things I am working on/researching/investigating/pursuing/practising this year:

  1. The Artist as Driver / conversations with independent artists on culture and the arts in Australia.
  2. 48 more words

Happy 2117

We really seem to be at a turning point in human history, where another revolution, like the industrial revolution was to our forefathers, will change almost every aspect of our lives… so – what will the world look like in 100 years, or sooner? 799 more words

In Development

SpaceTime Mashers (In Development)

Type: Sumo Game

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