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Staying positive when a loved one has Dementia/Alzheimer is TOUGH!

Watching a loved one fail in health is heart wrenching.  I love my mom with all my heart and if possible would move the world for her. 1,109 more words


Senior Care at Home: Making it Possible

Senior citizens often require additional care in their later years, especially if they are injured or otherwise incapacitated by disease. The traditional method of dealing with a debilitated senior has been to put him or her into a nursing or retirement home. 384 more words

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Be Aware of these Symptoms of Hearing Loss

Being able to hear is one of the great joys in life. A newborn’s first cry, “I do” upon getting married, a friend’s laughter – they are all music to the ears. 372 more words

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Fire Safety & Seniors

Every year, especially during the fall and winter months, people succumb to smoke inhalation and fires in their homes. The main reason for this is because heating equipment is being used and holiday lights and decorations are also being used, increasing the possibility of an electrical fire. 360 more words

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What is In-Home Care and What Are the Benefits?

In-home senior care may be a great way to ensure that your loved one is taken care of in the comfort of their own home.  But what is it? 573 more words

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Seniors Get Exceptional Personal Care in Southside Richmond with Always Best Care

Seniors living in the Richmond area, who are interested in getting personal care in Southside Richmond, can rely on Always Best Care for their exceptional in-home care services. 331 more words

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Seniors: How to Manage Pain in the Knees & Hips

Pain in the knees and hips is very common for seniors. It can be due to osteoporosis (which affects over 27 million Americans), and it can also be caused when the cartilage wears away, exposing bones and causing pain when joints move. 323 more words

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