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When the Time Comes for Home Care: Five Things to Know

You’ve had hip replacement surgery and need help around the house during your six-week recovery period. Or maybe arthritis makes it hard to vacuum or descend the basement stairs to do laundry. 727 more words

Mayo Clinic’s Eight Warning Signs Your Parents Need Care

Often children of aging parents are unaware that their mom or dad is not getting the daily care they need. As it can be an important factor in preventing serious problems down the road, the Mayo Clinic has put together eight warning signs for families to look for in regard to aging parents or relatives. 514 more words

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Today's News & Commentary --- June 17, 2015

Yesterday, a week after a parallel bill passed through committee in the Senate, the House Education and Workforce Committee held a hearing on legislation that would prohibit the NLRB from asserting jurisdiction over Native American employers on reservations, according to… 555 more words

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Osteoarthritis - Most Common Form of Arthritis in Seniors

The Mayo Clinic defines osteoarthritis as what “occurs when cartilage, the tissue that cushions the ends of the bones within the joints, breaks down and wears away. 368 more words

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Why Seniors are at Risk for Dehydration

Dehydration occurs when a person is not taking in as much water as they are losing and seniors are more at risk for the condition. Fluids allow our bodies to regulate temperature through sweating, to maintain blood pressure and eliminate bodily waste. 363 more words

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New Updates to the Falls Free® National Action Plan

In April, 110 experts in falls prevention from around the country gathered in Washington D.C. for a Falls Prevention Summit to review and update the 2005 Falls Free® National Action Plan. 390 more words

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