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The Importance of Companionship in Home Care

Providing care for each patient is not always just about assisting with activities, giving medication, and monitoring health. What a patient really needs more than all those things is Companionship. 434 more words

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Crossing Bridges

This past week my cousins have formed a bridge for my beloved Aunt Ruth to cross when she is ready, which will be very soon. But my elders are a stubborn lot and don’t give up this life without a fight as long as there is fight in them. 761 more words

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Teaching In-Home Caregivers Seems To Pay Off — The Caregiver Space

Low-income Californians who are elderly and disabled were less likely to go to the emergency room or be hospitalized after their in-home caregivers participated in an intensive training program, according to a report.

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How Outdoor Recreation Promote Good Health

Spending time with family and friends outdoor alleviates fear, anxiety and pain. Outdoor activities gives a sick person or an elderly something else to think about other than their condition. 415 more words

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Speech Therapy: The Key to Senior Communication

Communication is important in our daily lives. It is our way of expressing our needs, concerns, and understands what other people are saying as well. Speech is one aspect of communication that is essential for interacting and learning with other people daily. 415 more words

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Your Ultimate Guide to Helping Seniors Get Better Sleep

Many sleep studies claimed that senior individuals need as much sleep as they did before. Although aging does not cause poor sleep, seniors experience lighter sleep, wake up more at night and find it more difficult to fall back to sleep. 394 more words

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The Promise of Premium Senior Care

Caring for the elderly members of our family is no mean feat. It takes a lot of knowledge, understanding and patience in order to do the tasks well. 296 more words

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