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How to Choose the Right Home Care Providers

The staff at Roper St Francis provides tips and resources for choosing the right home-care-providers, whether it’s for yourself or a family member. 623 more words

Tackling Dementia And Related Sleep Problems

Sleep problems can occur at any age. However, they are even more likely to happen as we age, and dementia can compound not only the possibility of sleep problems, but also the affects of sleep deprivation. 401 more words

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Niche Assisted Living Communities Are Becoming More Popular

Throughout our lives we don’t base our happiness on rudimentary things like if we’re getting enough food and water, and if we have clothing and shelter. 355 more words

In Home Caregivers Midlothian

How Recreational Activities Affect the Aging Body

Recreational activities are actions that are performed for enjoyment, amusement, and pleasure that is done during your leisure time. Just anything considered to be “fun” is considered as a recreational activity. 514 more words

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Dizziness in Elderly People: What is Causing It?

Dizziness can be felt by a person for many reasons. It is a common symptom of a lot of disorders. In elderly people who don’t have an obvious disease, dizziness can be caused by cardiovascular issues, blood oxygenation issues and glucose metabolism problems. 448 more words

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Things to Consider Before a Parent Moves In

More and more, aging parents are moving in with their adult children. It’s generally less expensive than other types of care, and the child usually feels a sense of familial obligation and desire to help their parent as they enter their golden years. 335 more words

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