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10 Healthy Eating Tips for Seniors

The month of March is National Nutrition Month, and a common and very serious problem among seniors is malnutrition. By not eating a nutritious diet- seniors are more vulnerable to serious health problems- including increase in falls, a weakened immune system and poor wound healing. 277 more words

In-home Care

A Letter from Our Network

The story below was shared by a member of our network.

Do you have a great story about your caregiver that you’d like us to feature? 842 more words


For Careseekers: Moving from Hospital to Home Care - 10 Must-Ask Questions Before Discharge

The discharge process from a hospital or rehab facility to home care can be overwhelming. Transitioning a close friend or family member back into their home setting raises many questions and concerns. 338 more words


Exploring the Health Benefits of Animal Therapy

They say that animals give us unconditional love, but the benefits don’t stop there. Our four-legged friends also keep us healthy! Numerous studies have found that patients of all ages who regularly spend time with animals show noticeable health improvements. 198 more words


How to Make Valentine's Day Meaningful for a Widow or Widower

Valentine’s Day can be difficult for a client who has lost their spouse, but it doesn’t have to be a time of mourning. Instead, you can help a widow or widower ease the sadness by turning painful memories into new Valentine’s Day traditions. 330 more words


3 Tips for Managing Multiple Clients as a Caregiver

Working as a caregiver for more than one client can be extremely rewarding, but also brings the challenges of juggling many different commitments. The key to success is staying as organized as possible. 347 more words


Caring for Those with Cancer: Resources, Conversations, and Compassion

Yesterday was World Cancer Day, offering a meaningful opportunity for you as a caregiver to learn more about the challenges of cancer, which may afflict your current or future clients. 337 more words