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Benefits of resistance training

Seniors are at an increased risk for falling and becoming injured due to theirbrittle bones, joints, and muscles. However, resistance training is a kind of exercise that can help elderly loved ones toregain muscle mass and which in turn protect their bones and joints. 182 more words

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Alternative options to nursing homes

Nursing homes can be a scary place for elderly parents. For many reasons, you’re loved ones may be against going to a nursing home. If this is true, consider finding an alternative option to nursing homes. 203 more words

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This Summer, Drink to Your Health!

Here comes summer and it’s getting hot! Do you reach for a soda? A cold beer? Maybe an iced latté? Even people who carefully monitor what’s on their plate may pay little attention to what’s in their glass. 958 more words

Supporting Single Seniors

The latest U.S. Census showed that fewer Americans are marrying, and fewer are having children. The American Geriatrics Society (AGS) recently urged federal, state and local agencies to ensure that all seniors are served, regardless of marital status. 895 more words

Listen Up! Treating Hearing Loss Promptly Is Important

May Is Better Hearing & Speech Month

Nobody wants to watch TV when Cal’s in the room. He commandeers the remote and turns the volume up so high that everyone else needs ear plugs! 1,409 more words

Why swimming may be the best activity for seniors

Swimming is just great for seniors, physically and mentally they can feel better. Just by swimming seniors can increase their energy, flexibility and strength. Their inability is not due to the process of aging, but by the  of lack of activities. 112 more words

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Why seniors are so prone to dehydration

Summer is really challenging for seniors, particularly for those who don’t get enough liquids. As dehydration starts ahead of feeling thirsty, it’s significant to encourage your loved ones to drinking water and beverages all through the day. 149 more words

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