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Listen Up! Treating Hearing Loss Promptly Is Important

May Is Better Hearing & Speech Month

Nobody wants to watch TV when Cal’s in the room. He commandeers the remote and turns the volume up so high that everyone else needs ear plugs! 1,409 more words

Why swimming may be the best activity for seniors

Swimming is just great for seniors, physically and mentally they can feel better. Just by swimming seniors can increase their energy, flexibility and strength. Their inability is not due to the process of aging, but by the  of lack of activities. 112 more words

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Why seniors are so prone to dehydration

Summer is really challenging for seniors, particularly for those who don’t get enough liquids. As dehydration starts ahead of feeling thirsty, it’s significant to encourage your loved ones to drinking water and beverages all through the day. 149 more words

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What are the benefits of owning dogs for seniors?

It doesn’t mean that you have to give up your furry companion while moving into assisted living. Due to the positive health outcomes, seniors who own dogs are allowed to keep their pets with them. 154 more words

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Symptoms of Alzheimer’s

When we talk about the symptoms of Alzheimer’s, confusion, speech problems and disorientation may come up to your mind, however, other symptoms are also obvious. Here are few symptoms for you to understand. 143 more words

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Signs of changes in aging loved ones

Aging parents often deny that they have problem with their daily activities as they don’t want to lose their independence. It is the duty of the family members to identify the signs with the aging parent that needs help in their everyday activities. 122 more words

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Preventive measures for chronic conditions with seniors

Chronic illness has effects on the ability of some seniors to live in their home; additionally, it has an impact on the quality of their life. 194 more words

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