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Lifestyle Newborn Photography, Martinsburg, WV

Is there anything more precious than a new baby? This little one was born 3 weeks early- so tiny! Joe and Chas are good friends of ours and I was thrilled to come into their home with my camera when their little nugget was still adjusting to the world outside. 315 more words

Can service and security co-exist? What is the Glue that brings them together?

There are a number of pilot implementations on smart access for providing services for the last mile for eCommerce.   These include DHL having access to your vehicle by means of a smart access code to your car locks in order to leave a package you ordered in the trunk (boot for my British friends), working together with Audi and Amazon to create a trial service for Audi users. 376 more words

How to test a radio commercial


Testing is a common practice for television commercials and major print campaigns (see Pocketpieces #28 and #33), but very little copy research is undertaken on Canadian radio commercials, and as a result perhaps less is known about what makes a radio commercial effective. 687 more words


Your Child's Speech-Language Evaluation

Having your child evaluated for speech and language can be daunting especially,  if this is your first time. Questions might pop into your head like who do I see, where do I go, what kind of test are given … so lets look at each of these: 3,259 more words

Speech Therapy

Your Left and Right Brain

Did you know your brain is divided into two halves? And furthermore did you know that these two halves are two separate brains? And each brain controls the opposite side of your body. 747 more words


In-Home Tech Support = Jam!

I was only in our Monroeville, Alabama computer repair shop for a couple of hours on Friday because of an in-home appointment I had in Ramah, Alabama (Go to Burnt Corn…take a right…take a left…way out yonder!) I got to spend the afternoon helping some southern gentlemen install security on a new laptop, set up a router and printer, transfer files, and tune-up on an older laptop. 39 more words

Computer Repair