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CafeWorks: A Work in Progress

Good things are happening behind the scenes at CaféWorks! We have partnered with some great organizations (more details to come!) to fulfill our mission to the community. 204 more words


The Cheese

No good deed goes unpunished sayeth the cynical.
Except this time it went rewarded.

A simple electrical job for another i.e. disconnecting a fridge from the storage batteries on their boat was achieved with a little bit of scrabbling round and the removal of a fuse they didn’t even know they had! 117 more words


Taking Things For Grant-ed

If there is one word that strikes fear and dread into the heart of anyone working in the arts it is ‘funding’. It’s a word that can encompass both infinite possibilities and the absolute desolation of a project. 1,931 more words


Tips of the Trade: In-Kind Donation Hunts

In every company or organization, funding is one of the of the biggest parts of smooth operations, especially in non-profits. They depend on fundraisers, donors, and sponsors in order to function. 900 more words

Event Planning

Corporate philanthropy - is this a thing? What are we asking our corporate partners for?

Per the recent Giving USA Report, corporate philanthropy continues to stagnate.

Total giving in 2013 in the US was $335.17 billion to charity. Don’t get too excited – it’s barely keeping pace with inflation as a percentage of GDP.   437 more words

Corporate Social Responsibility

Never enough

Have we stunted this feeling of “enough” in charities because they don’t know how to say thanks for the donations and sponsorships given to them?  20 more words