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Estate Issues

I am dreading tomorrow (technically today at the time of posting).  We had a meeting with the estate lawyer over the weekend and apparently my husband’s sister had her lawyer file to a) remove my husband as executor b) remove the estate lawyer from the case and c) my husband be forced to attend the hearing for the lawyer removal.  694 more words


In Laws From Hell

First let me say sorry for the break.  There has been a lot going on internally and externally and unfortunately making time for this blog just wasn’t an option for a little while.  761 more words


Practising new steps with the Ex-in-Laws

This afternoon I dropped my little girl into town to meet my ex-mother-in-law. Her hair beautifully styled by Soon-To-Be and dressed in a stunning sparkly red dress, my daughter clearly looked the classiest of all the children about to watch the ballet. 739 more words

Blended Dad

Mother-in-law drains me

Wow guys, I’m tired, just tired. One of those days when you feel depleted. Your thoughts, your emotions; a roller-coaster. A real turmoil inside.

I was at a birthday party of a seventy year old in-law today. 438 more words


Here comes Thanksgiving again--and pie!

Thanksgiving is almost here again. Do you dread it? Me too, probably for different reasons. I’ll be in California, taking care of my dad and driving him three hours each way to my brother’s house, where I will be surrounded by in-laws I barely know and oodles and boodles of kids. 598 more words

How to Cope with Difficult In-Laws

Do you have an in-law who drives you crazy? Do you and your partner argue about them?

Some in-laws can bring chaos to a couples’ life and you’ve got to know how to talk about it and how to cope with it to make sure it doesn’t wear and tear on your marriage. 152 more words


"You will always be our daughter-in-law"

Oh, the sentimental cliché that was uttered to me by my mother-in-law in the weeks following her realization that her son had in fact been cheating on me with another woman and had walked away from me and our children to pursue a relationship with Janice Andrews. 1,150 more words