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This morning we got up and had coffee and got ready to go to his parents. My parents were meeting us over there. I was so excited to have our family together for Easter. 128 more words


In-laws and outlaws...

When we said our vows, professed our love to each other, and said til death do us part…never did I think that the in-laws would cause me to contemplate becoming an outlaw… You truly don’t realize that you not only marry a person but you marry their family as well. 59 more words


Life only gets more complicated

So, I kind of stopped blogging for a while, not on purpose but life kind of got in the way. Recently someone liked a few of my blogs and it made me think that I should start again, as it was a good way for me to just say what is going on… 255 more words

First Time Mom

Meet Andrew, Our Grill

It’s FINALLY warm enough that we can grill out!  Normally we would be going to our in-laws to grill, but my mother-in-law is unavailable, and they are both in Madison. 206 more words

Renee Wittman

One Liner Wednesday #1LinerWeds - They're Back!

“No matter what peole say about in-laws, I gotta say mine are pretty special.”


Finally, after 6 weeks, they are due back. Tonight.

And much as it is lovely to be ourselves for a while, we all miss them so much when they disappear for 6 weeks!

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The Good Shepherd

Being a decent mother-in-law can be tough considering how many jokes you hear about them. There’s definitely a unique bond between in-laws. Some would call it something different, that’s for sure! 509 more words


my tribe

tribe/trīb/noun: tribe; plural noun: tribes

  • a social division in a traditional society consisting of families or communities linked by social, economic, religious, or blood ties, with a common culture and dialect, typically having a recognized leader.
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