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I spent all day tweaking all of the different elements of this cover design, simply because one of my early readers requested an analog copy and I wanted the cover to look intentional.


Chapter 1

DECREASE combined with sincerity

Brings about supreme good fortune

Without blame.

One may be persevering in this.

It furthers one to undertake something.

How is this to be carried out?

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Sibling Rivalry (1960s)

Sibling Rivalry 

One would think from this accounting that my parents probably did not have much of a sex life. In fact for some families there may be a great deal of truth to the equation that the number of children( 1,742 more words


Excerpt - His Voice

His voice had the clear honesty of a young man emerging from adolescence, scarred by the sudden growing pains of maturation and sexual awakening. His was the voice of that wavy line between childhood and young manhood, naive and open-minded enough to hold onto the tiniest shreds of hope, but experienced enough to know just how many fucks the world was likely to give about his feelings.


Foundation for the Future

 Education gives one a foundation for future success—whether that is providing a general knowledge base, resources for problem-solving and completing tasks, skills to communicate effectively with others, or an understanding of the world—education is what one can build off of and grow on.

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Personal Statements

A Few Words About Morality

Descartes says you have to build a little cabin, a sort of base camp before you can scale the mountain to build your fortress/castle/mansion and in three years at the College, I had done little more than string a hammock up between two trees and call it “good.” It was time to get serious and build a real philosophical/theological moral framework. 3,467 more words


My Last School Trip 5 - Incident Report on Darren Hogben by Mr Kipling

Wickenden Mountain Centre

Incident Report

Student name/school:                                       Date:

Darren Hogben,  Gt Elms                                                       Saturday

What went before:

Darren & other students decoached. Darren’s bag was acting suspiciously. 166 more words

Brecon Beacons