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Another Victim of Parkland

It is reasonably widely known that children are not capable of true abstract thought until the age of 17 or 18, and even then, not all have developed that ability. 1,961 more words


Going Loco With In Loco Parentis

The doctrine of “in loco parentis”—in the place of the parents—is what gives school authorities the power to discipline the children of others, within reasonable, lawful limits. 1,386 more words


In Loco Parentis: In Pennsylvania, a Non-Biological Parent Should Have Standing to Seek Custody of a Child Born During a Same-Sex Relationship

After the legalization of same-sex marriage in 2015, custody disputes among same-sex parents have come to the forefront in family law and have created a number of questions in the court around what makes someone a parent. 524 more words


no. No. NO! Do NOT arm teachers.

I am a retired teacher.  I retired after teaching in alternative educational program for 20 years.  The President’s statement that we need to arm our teachers, much less to provide them a monetary bonus for carrying a gun into the classroom outrages me. 423 more words


Those that Can Do, Teach


School Life

(David Rane and Neasa Ní Chianáin, Ireland/Spain, 2016)

This review originally appeared in Pure Movies. 408 more words


In loco parentis

Who is really well placed to act in loco parentis?

That was a big deal question when I was in college. Mothers and fathers sent their children off to far away institutions, some of them hoping that the college would act for the welfare of their progeny as they would have. 2,094 more words

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