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Akka Persistence using MongoDB - Part I

Akka is a powerful actor based tool kit for Concurrency, Parallelism and Clustering. But for every concurrent applications, Akka actors are not fit because Futures are another alternative for performing Concurrency. 641 more words


12c New Features – Database In-Memory

Here comes the most awaited feature with the release of patchset – Database In-Memory. In this post we will first dwell upon the internals of this feature and then enable this feature in our test environment to benchmark the performance gain. 1,400 more words

All Flash Storage and SAP HANA

SAP HANA is in memory database, and generally there is a tendency to think that because the database is going to be in-memory, the choice of storage is irrelevant and not so important. 602 more words


Database, database & database! Analytical/OLAP/OLTP/In-memory

Recently got an architecture chart like this:

A very typical Apache framework. Whereas it’s not a easy one, lots of stuff worth a discussion. For example, the emerging database variety, and the exact differences between them.   644 more words

Small Data