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Tech Talks - DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows

by Sajan Kuttappa, Content Marketing Manager

IBM DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows database software is the foundation that powers many IBM Analytics offerings. In conjunction with the… 212 more words


Transact SQL - In Memory Programmable Objects


On a couple of SQL Server Instances that was recently grandfathered in to our group, there are a few In-Memory tables.

And, so I find myself using these precious hours in between Christmas and the forthcoming New Year to catch up on In-Memory Tables. 631 more words


Transact SQL - Atomicity and In-Memory Tables


In this post, we touch on a couple of errors that one might encounter when trying to access In-Memory tables within a Transaction.

Error… 911 more words


Akka Persistence using MongoDB - Part I

Akka is a powerful actor based tool kit for Concurrency, Parallelism and Clustering. But for every concurrent applications, Akka actors are not fit because Futures are another alternative for performing Concurrency. 615 more words