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All Flash Storage and SAP HANA

SAP HANA is in memory database, and generally there is a tendency to think that because the database is going to be in-memory, the choice of storage is irrelevant and not so important. 602 more words


Database, database & database! Analytical/OLAP/OLTP/In-memory

Recently got an architecture chart like this:

A very typical Apache framework. Whereas it’s not a easy one, lots of stuff worth a discussion. For example, the emerging database variety, and the exact differences between them.   644 more words

Small Data

Big data processing system design

Big  data processing system design

data source (e.g. INTERNET) ->前台 web server收集数据->processing server(data pre aggregation)->
kafka (message queue) ->processing server (data aggregation)->staging data in Hbase or C* 171 more words

Big Data

Microsoft SQL Server 2016 – New features and enhancements

This version of SQL Server is going to be a major release with new features and will also overcome some limitations of SQL Server 2014. 361 more words

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Testing Scala Applications with In-memory mongoDB

Is your test suite taking a large amount of time to run just because your methods need some database queries to be handled? Testing with In-memory databases can save a hell lot of time. 457 more words


How DBMS Vendors Admit to an Architectural Limitation: Part 2 - Teradata Intelligent Memory

This is the second post (see Part 1 here) on how vendors adjust their architecture without admitting that the previous architecture was flawed. This time we’ll consider Teradata and in-memory…. 670 more words

Data Warehouse

In Memory Database

In-memory Database is the storage of information in the main random access memory (RAM) of dedicated servers rather than in complicated relational databases operating on comparatively slow disk drives. 538 more words

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