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Multi-Channel Supporter Journeys - Part 2: Hit and miss

This is the second in a series of posts about how charities are joining up (or not!) supporter journeys across multiple channels.

Charity B: I received a nice DM pack recognising my giving anniversary with the charity (apparently, it has been one year since I first donated to the charity). 284 more words

Donor Care

Multi-Channel Donor Journeys - Part 1: Event Journey

As I mentioned earlier, I am particularly interested in how charities are designing (or not!) joined up multi-channel supporter journeys. Over the next few days, I’ll be sharing some examples of multi-channel supporter experiences I have had recently. 251 more words


In my Inbox - April

During April, I received 188 pieces of communication from 53 charities, up 35% on the prior month. 40% of this increased volume is attributable to the earthquake in Nepal — I have supported a number of international development charities in the past, and understandably, they have all kicked their comms into high gear over the past few days. 241 more words


In My Inbox - March

A little tardy, but here’s my recap on what came my way in terms of charity communications during the month of March.  139 contacts in total: 12% was via post, 1% via telephone, 1% via SMS, and 86% via email.   259 more words


Setting the Context: Email vs. Post

As part of this experiment, I committed to keep track of all the communications that charities sent me during the course of the year and to invest time in reflecting on how they impact me as a donor. 777 more words


An Introductory Donor Journey Unpacked

About six weeks ago, I made a donation online to a household name charity I had not supported previously. The donation was unprompted and was larger than I typically give as a first gift. 1,453 more words


Kudos on a great campaign - The Children's Society

A great example of charity campaigning landed in my inbox this month courtesy of The Children’s Society.  The campaign was linked to a report they had issued about the impact of bailiffs knocking on doors to collect unpaid Council Tax.   182 more words