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Setting the Context: Email vs. Post

As part of this experiment, I committed to keep track of all the communications that charities sent me during the course of the year and to invest time in reflecting on how they impact me as a donor. 777 more words


An Introductory Donor Journey Unpacked

About six weeks ago, I made a donation online to a household name charity I had not supported previously. The donation was unprompted and was larger than I typically give as a first gift. 1,453 more words


Kudos on a great campaign - The Children's Society

A great example of charity campaigning landed in my inbox this month courtesy of The Children’s Society.  The campaign was linked to a report they had issued about the impact of bailiffs knocking on doors to collect unpaid Council Tax.   182 more words


Charity Enewsletters - Lots of Chatter in a Noisy Room

Earlier this month, I published a post examining all the charity communications I had received in the previous month.  You can read that post in full… 1,333 more words


A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words...Except When It Isn't!

Last month, I received a DM pack from a charity I had supported previously.  First of all, I will give the charity props for having followed up my online donation with a DM ask — … 225 more words


Cracking the Code - Do QR Codes Have a Place in Fundraising?

Earlier this week, I published a post looking at all of the charity communications I had received during the previous month.  One thing I noticed was that two of the DM packs I received from (different) charities included very small (tiny – less than a square centimetre) QR codes in various places within the pack.   552 more words


E-appeals and Email Asks - The Good, The Bad, and The Scary!

One interesting thing that I noticed when analysing the charity communications I received during the past month was that the emails I received soliciting a gift fell into two different categories: there were those that simply asked for a donation and those that formed part of a larger appeal.   1,227 more words