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In or Out! In or Out!

When I was growing up, I loved playing outside. For those of you who are “Millennials,” you’re probably saying, “Wait. I’ve heard about ‘playing outside.’ That’s some ancient activity that entailed leaving the house and video games and iPhone… 1,202 more words

re my perfect demise

(which weren’t so perfect)

actually of course God had it all in HIS Hands.  I see in the trauma of the incident in the ICU–the horrible pain–and in the sort of waking up sort of dead the precursor for the abortions, hard to say the in and out of it. 132 more words


Says Ariadne

Whatever I project is in fact
the very thing
you are being confronted with.


Book of life

Those who have the seal of the Lamb on their head, will be saved and enter heaven. For you name is written in the book of life.

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In Or Out


Who’s in and who is on the outside looking in. Tonight at (7 p.m. ET on ESPN) another view at what the committee thought about the play of this past weekends action from the nations top teams will now be on display as they reveal who is currently in and who on the cusp. 84 more words

Sports-College Football

In or out of the spotlight?

Hey Guys- just another big thanks for reading, it makes my day when I have a follow or like or comment

So I should be at school right now but I’m not because I have not been feeling so good but what I have is nothing serious compaired to cancer or other big medical issues. 132 more words


Members list: are you in or out?

Today we publish below a list of those who responded to our post inviting friends to join the INTERNATIONAL FRIENDSHIP BLOGGING FORUM. Many of you on this list clearly indicated your intention to belong. 182 more words