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EU, More like E Who?

Okay, I know the EU referendum has been and gone and I am aware that many blogs, media posts, tv reports and Newspaper articles have already been written, as well as hundreds of thousands of Facebook statuses and tweets and almost everything about ‘Brexit’ has been covered however I am very interested in politics and it was only really the last election and this referendum that I looked into it politics a lot more and found that I am passionate about the way our government works and about how the voting system works etc. 1,464 more words

Why the Economics Behind BREXIT doesn't Matter

Over the past month, I’ve read many different takes on the Britain referendum. Britain’s exit, or BREXIT, from the EU has somehow managed to elicit an opinion from everyone – regardless of whether or not it makes sense. 555 more words

In or Out(Day 23 of the June 1-30 Challenge)

In response to the June 1-30 Challenge

The topic is In or Out. When I was in high school, I started out working in the deli at Tom Thumb and I was working on the weekends. 77 more words

EU referendum! What's your opinion

Hiyyah everyone

So I’m sure by now you are all sick to death of hearing about the EU referendum by now (I know I am). Tbh the politicans don’t know what’s going to happen either way they just want to get you on there side. 175 more words

23rd June 2016

The day has finally arrived, and Britain goes to the polls to vote on whether we stay in Europe or leave. I know what I want, and have had my say, but all I can do know is wait and see, and hope the majority agree with me.  6 more words

In or Out! Make Your Vote Count!

And…while we’re on the subject of Europe! I’m voting remain! Imagine the nightmare of travelling to one of those Proms gigs if we Brexit?! (I face the visa thing having an Australian passport anyway…but you Brits don’t!) But that is not my only reason for my remain vote…


June 23 Challenge

June 1-30 Challenge

Day 23 In or Out

June 23, 2016. Britain votes today whether to stay in the European Union or get out of it.   1,019 more words