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In Other Words: Finishing The Island Lady

Here is a new challenge I am taking over at Patricia’s Place. You can participate by going to…


Patricia has given us a quote and has asked us to write a new piece between 250 and 500 words. 399 more words


Mother's Log, January 2014: The Polar Vortex

  Mother’s Log: snow date 247365-711

We received orders last night to keep the natives captive for yet another day, while my fearless co-captain remained with his away team for the foreseeable future.   740 more words


It is, no doubt, extremely difficult to conjecture by what gradations many structures have been perfected… but we see so many strange gradations in nature, as is proclaimed by the canon, ‘Natura non facit saltum,’ that we ought to be extrememly cautious in saying that any organ or instinct, or any whole being, could not have arrived at its present state by many graduated steps.

∼ Charles Darwin ∼


Feminist Bookstore Super Bowl Tweets from Portlandia

Great news for feminists headed to Super Bowl bashes tonight: Now you will have something besides booze and puppy chow to keep you company. In Other Words… 429 more words

Wendy Lawson & The Beatles

…Many humans will not notice you or recognize your song. Such busy lives, filled with wasted moments that failed to notice the dawn, they hurry on and on. 26 more words


From: Michel de Montaigne

“The most certain sign of wisdom is cheerfulness.”

– Michel de Montaigne


From: Dan Fogelberg

“You’ve got to just follow your heart and do your best work.”

– Dan Fogelberg