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Smokescreen Baby


She was lean and mean, a mere stringbean

She loved the scene at the local canteen

A cup of caffeine sparked her routine

She wowed her fans with her tamborine… 53 more words



Oh to fit in and be like the rest

A bowtie smile and looking your best

You continued to deceive

We no longer believe

You labeled yourself as an unwanted guest… 56 more words


Life on Hold

There’s this wise old raven

Yesteryear was his destination

Wanting to solve life’s equations

Stepped up to the occasion

But his memory was on vacation… 55 more words


In Other Words, Take a Vacation

Patricia’s Place prompt in today’s ‘in other words’ is Vacation. My feeble attempt at the task is below, but find far better ones at https://patriciasplace.me/2017/08/02/in-other-words-vacation/. 25 more words

Avoid Muddy Puddles

 Fumbles, bumbles, turmoil and troubles

Slapdash ideas resulting in struggles

No sense dwelling on words that crumble

 Avoid woebegone faces and those that grumble

Retreat to the glade and enjoy the chuckles… 56 more words


In Other Words...

Awash is the word to use in 5 lines (can be a story or poem)

A forgotten castle is hidden out of sight,
Wild ivy vines awash the walls inside and out. 33 more words

My Opinion is...

Constructive criticism can be utter bosh

Unfolding ideas almost awash

High fives questioned as awes or flaws

Is it wise to hide our guffaws

Or raise our voice to quash the cause… 41 more words