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Watch it!

Reason can be a thief at any cost

Seesaw reactions – a show-biz gloss

 Stirring the weak to double-cross

Compelling feats considered dross

Wearing a bow tie doesn’t make a boss… 54 more words


A Book Debate

While at a book store, I’m just as likely to be watching the people there as I am to be looking at the books. I look at what they are reading, what they are buying, and which books they are chatting with others about. 733 more words

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To say life’s tied with a bow is jugglery

Why so long to make this discovery

 Is existing in life deemed a luxury

 Let’s enjoy the journey to recovery… 104 more words


In other words:

On remastering the Cars’ catalog: “The technology of recording… and the way people approach bass these days… is so different than it was in the 80s… didn’t have the finite things that some of the new technology has, so I was practically shocked by how much more clarity and bass… On all these albums I was like, ‘I can’t believe how good Ben’s playing the bass.’ It’s like, you can hear every bass thing going on. 20 more words

Ric Ocasek

The Importance of a First Line

Lately I’ve seen several online articles and links about the first line of books. It’s interesting how we remember the first line of a book and how important it is or may become to the entire story. 670 more words

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Dang counterfeit news

Is what’s been taught for naught

Just noodle the thought

The wicked have become insipid

The whoo’s vs who’s is not amused… 50 more words


Youtube Channels with Great Video Content

The line between creating a badass Youtube video and a disaster is very thin. It is why most of the content we see on the video social platform seem to fail at generating interest and engagement. 775 more words

Anna Akana