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National Sewing Month

Begins tomorrow!! I went and picked up some 120″ width white muslin today to get started on my latest project: art nouveau Sleeping Beauty. This will probably take me all month because there is so much involved. 57 more words


Behind Every Great King By IanMcKellensSass (In-Progress)(Words: 112,143)

Original Female Character Laurena and Thranduil

AU-ish: On a visit to Rivendell, the daughter of Lord Elrond catches the eyes of Thranduil. His seemingly cold heart begins to warm to her and they quickly become entranced with each other. 45 more words


Traveling the world with you By Hopjesvla (In-Progress)(Words: 93,651)

Lord of the Rings
Original Female Character

There’s a tenth member of the fellowship: Aragorn’s pupil! She grows very fond of his best friend, a certain blond Elf and although she won’t admit it to herself, she might be falling in love with him too! 11 more words


Road To Rohan By AlmaGemela (In-Progress)(Words: 148,206)

Lord of the Rings
Original Female Character Rembrance and Legolas

Rem swallowed, a tremble shivering through her limbs. Goosebumps were blossoming across her skin, and deep down she knew it had little to do with the chilly water… Girl falls into Middle Earth with a twist: she hates Legolas and wants to leave… 11 more words


Updates / "Vanity" & "Til Sunrise"

Hey everyone,

I’ve got two updates for you today. Firstly, I want to talk a bit about Vanity. Vanity is an action RPG currently in development by… 330 more words


Around The World In 100 Films - Vietnam

List Item: Watch films from 100 different nations
Progress: 38/100

It has been an awfully long time since I have been able to add a new country to my list of film nations. 352 more words

Bucket List

A Different Kind of Haven By mightymel30 (In-Progress)(Words: 80,503)

Buffy and Haven
Buffy and Duke

I would like to state I do not own either Haven or Buffy the Vampire Slayer Summary: As Buffy is standing on the bus terminal, she is looking at her future destinations. 44 more words