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On behalf of As Seen By, I’d like to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR – may it be filled with many memories and prosperity.  Best of luck to you all and thank you to everyone who continues to support our site. 11 more words

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Highlighting Filmmakers: "Night of the Squeal Hunter"

NOW PRESENTING:  Night of the Squeal Hunter by Bobby Myers


I was inspired by the classic horror genre to create Night of the Squeal Hunter… 290 more words

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"Frankenweenie" deserves a treat for being Burton's animated resurrection

 Distinguished director Tim Burton resurrects his career with his latest venture, Frankenweenie.  Inspired by the loss of a childhood pet, Burton returns to his roots and bears his soul with his best animated feature since  305 more words

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"The Words" is a Complex Portrait of a Struggling Artist

Someone once said, “Write what you know.” The Words does a pretty good job utilizing this phrase. Directors Brian Klugman and Lee Sternthal’s touching film follows successful writer Clayton Hammond (portrayed by Dennis Quaid) giving a reading of his newest book called “The Words” to the public. 553 more words

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"Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" is Incredibly Close to Being Great But Falls Short

Although all sincere condolences go to those who have been victims and/or personally affected by the September 11 attacks, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close becomes an excessive 2 hour long film and a literal ‘running around in circles’ kind of movie that never seems to fit together. 741 more words

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Meryl Streep Shows her Mettle as the Iron Lady

Meryl Streep fans will love the Iron Lady. Streep transforms into Margaret Thatcher, and for a while it is fascinating to watch. The screenplay by Abi Morgan (Shame) allows Streep the opportunity to painstakingly put one fit in front of the other as she walks very slowly around her apartment while carrying on conversations with her husband Denis, played by James Broadbent, who just so happens to be dead.  449 more words

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