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Space Micro Fic #18

Ro floated through the emptiness of space, formless. They weren’t sentient, not truly, not in the way human beings are. Those creatures can only experience the present moment in the vast stream of time. 160 more words

Micro Fic

Jason X Finally Unmasked In These Exclusive Set Photos!

Released in 2001, director James Isaac’s ‘Jason X’ left fans divided after he took the infamous slasher Jason Voorhees away from his usual Camp Crystal Lake stomping ground and gave him a whole new clientele of topless teens to slice and dice, only this time it was in outer space?! 736 more words


Alien Resurrection

Oop, life got in the way for me getting these things out before Alien: Covenant came out, and before saw it as well. Oh well, i can’t do anything about the past but i can do something about the future and the future is always now. 789 more words


Space Micro Fic #17

Angels are strange beings. Born from pure mathematics, the subtle bending of spacetime, and a twitch of Source’s thoughts, angels long to understand human thought. It is beyond them, as far as the thoughts of the desert are from the rainforest. 131 more words


Hellraiser IV: Bloodline (1996)

Fuck. I just finished Hellraiser IV, and I already spent the joke about pain surpassing pleasure writing about Hellraiser III. If you want to read my thoughts about the first three (read: the best three) Hellraiser films you can find them here for… 849 more words

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Make My Monster Grow! - Power Rangers Week #4

It can be said that a hero is only as interesting as their villain.  This is definitely true for Power Rangers.  While some teams have great chemistry with each other, or really cool toys to play with, the show only works well if they have someone cool antagonizing them.   998 more words

Power Rangers