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Regular Show: In Space S8 E22 'The Key to the Universe'

The legendary trainer Earl just wants to train Pops to save the universe. The group isn’t sure Pops is actually the hero but still are curious what he would teach him. 267 more words

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Regular Show: In Space S8 E21 'Ice Tape'

Mordecai and the crew are heading to a movie store on an ice planet. The clerks aim to help but until Pops reveals himself they can’t assist much. 251 more words


Once More Unto The (Writing) Breach- October 2016

Hey guys! I am so deep into NaNoWriMo that I completely forgot about the blog! Sorry! Here goes :)

What I’ve Accomplished This Month


Regular Show: In Space S8 E19 "Terror Tales of the Park VI"

Regular Show in a vein similar to the Simpsons has a Terror Tales episode every season. The characters all tell stories in hopes of scaring their friends. 450 more words


Regular Show S8 E18 'Alpha Dome'

Rigby is asleep at the controls as the ship blasts through warp speed. When it stops they are in empty speech. They find the Alpha Dome or the first dome sent into space.  179 more words


Regular Show In Space S8 E16 'New Beds'

The gang is in warp drive after the last episode. They are all so curious about why Evil Pops wants Pops. Clearly something big is going to go down between them before the series ends. 217 more words


Regular Show In Space S8 E15 'Space Escape'

The park members have been working hard and now graduate the program. They are able to travel in space freely to terraform or create new livable planets. 329 more words

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