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FOX NEWS: Moon dust could give astronauts permanent DNA damage, study finds

Moon dust could give astronauts permanent DNA damage, study finds

In space, they say, no one can hear you sneeze. But Apollo 17 astronaut Harrison Schmitt was doing a lot of that inside the Challenger command module when he visited the moon in 1972.


31. A Closed and Common Orbit by Becky Chambers

I know, I know, what about my immediate TBR?! Come on L-B, get your act together, finish the two books you’ve already started! But I couldn’t’ help myself guys, I grabbed this off the library shelf and finished it in less than 22 hours. 148 more words

‘Lost In Space’ Review: Netflix’s Space Adventure is ‘Lost,’ in Space

Netflix updates the classic series Lost In Space for a whole new generation, creating a formulaic yet entertaining saga enriched by complex characters. Our spoiler-free  1,635 more words


YA Chronicles December Box Unboxing

Okay. It’s been so long since I’ve done one of these things I can hardly remember how. Also it’s about 40C today so my brain is a little fuzzy. 322 more words


Fiery Planet with Explosive Nebula

Back into space once more.  At some point, the heroes are going to need to walk…  okay, fly… casually away from an explosion without looking.  For that, we will need an explosion.  43 more words


Photoshop: Eclipse

We’ve doomed everyone with asteroids and comets, but I don’t feel we’ve provided enough foreboding omens, do you?  Let’s go ahead and blot out the sun.  149 more words