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Hellraiser IV: Bloodline (1996)

Fuck. I just finished Hellraiser IV, and I already spent the joke about pain surpassing pleasure writing about Hellraiser III. If you want to read my thoughts about the first three (read: the best three) Hellraiser films you can find them here for… 849 more words

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Make My Monster Grow! - Power Rangers Week #4

It can be said that a hero is only as interesting as their villain.  This is definitely true for Power Rangers.  While some teams have great chemistry with each other, or really cool toys to play with, the show only works well if they have someone cool antagonizing them.   998 more words

Power Rangers

It's Morphin' Time! Power Rangers Week #1

So, a little movie by the name of “Power Rangers” dropped last weekend, and yours truly was able to catch it opening night.  I loved the hell out of the flick, which re-kindled a passion I thought may have begun to fade.   832 more words

Top Five Power Rangers Series

With the new Power Rangers film on the horizon or possibly out due to possible release dates could be different with international releases.

But to just get in some notes about this list, there will be no Neo-Saban series for Power Rangers. 2,067 more words


Power Rangers Legacy Wave 2

How in the world did I miss posting this set? I looked down the backlog of figures I have photographed, and there sits this beautiful team ready to go. 637 more words


#1227: Red Space Ranger



When most people think “Power Rangers,” they think of the Mighty Morphin’ incarnation, which launched the show.  That’s pretty fair, as it’s by far the most distinctive, and represents the franchise at its highest point in terms of popularity.  815 more words


Regular Show in Space S8 E24+25 'Christmas in Space'

Its time for the final Christmas Regular Show. The gang is happy enjoying Benson’s Peppermint Bark. The gang starts telling stories.

Skips tells a story about a planet called Celsius. 447 more words

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