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Fiery Planet with Explosive Nebula

Back into space once more.  At some point, the heroes are going to need to walk…  okay, fly… casually away from an explosion without looking.  For that, we will need an explosion.  43 more words


Photoshop: Eclipse

We’ve doomed everyone with asteroids and comets, but I don’t feel we’ve provided enough foreboding omens, do you?  Let’s go ahead and blot out the sun.  149 more words


Photoshop: Gas Giant with Moon

As I’ve implied in other posts, a couple of the habitable worlds in my upcoming story will be orbiting gas giants.  I decided to work on a… 59 more words


Photoshop: Comet

Now, blowing up a planet with an asteroid has its perks, definitely.  But if you want a better visual effect and more of a prophesied doomsday feel, you’re going to want a comet.  58 more words


Learning Photoshop: Asteroids

Sometimes, you’re just in the mood to destroy all life on a planet.  Now, you could go with a bomb, you could go with a plague, but let’s face it.  52 more words


Bringal System

The Bringal system is unusual.  Unusual enough that some suspect the system to have been manufactured in some way.

A massive gas giant orbits near the sun, known as a ‘hot Jupiter’.  335 more words

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