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John Mayer/MSM Interview, v.2015

Richard Young: I know the new album is still a work-in-progress, but what are you most excited for about it at this juncture?

John Mayer: 
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John Mayer

Daredevil S1E4: In the Blood

Review by Logan

As I was originally preparing to write this series of reviews, I had a list of reasons why I believed (and still do believe) that… 498 more words

TV Reviews

Review: Daredevil, Season 1, Episode 4: 'In The Blood' (Enter the Fisk!)


“We don’t say his name” 

I always say that a superhero needs an equal and opposing supervillain. It’s something most films in the Marvel Universe lack. 976 more words


Review of Daredevil: Episodes 4-6

Here’s a quick review of the next three episodes of Daredevil…

“In the Blood,” “World on Fire,” and “Condemned,” the series’ fourth, fifth and sixth episodes, respectively, nicely concluded the arc concerning the Russian gangsters. 569 more words


"In The Blood" by Steve Robinson - clever plot, accurate setting, dull main character

“In The Blood” is the first Jefferson Tayte Genealogical Mystery.

Yes, that term made me pause too. It sounds like something sponsored by ancestry.com to make looking up family records sound more exciting than stamp collecting. 520 more words

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REVIEW: Daredevil - "In The Blood"

Marvel’s Daredevil is a new Netflix show from the same universe as the Avengers films. Expect spoilers for every review this season, though I’m going to try to limit spoilery details. 256 more words