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It's Always " in the Blood"

It really is amazing where this writer finds her inspiration! Sometimes a blurb on the news or a passionate song blaring on the radio motivates me to jot down  thoughts and ideas for my blog. 443 more words


Counting Down

It’s getting close now. In The Blood comes out July 1st. I’ve been working on this series for so long, and it’s down to the final few days before it comes to fruition. 724 more words


Reveal: The Witchbreed Series by R.L. Martinez

In the Blood & Beneath the Skin
R.L. Martinez
(The Witchbreed Series #1 & 2)
Published by: Lakewater Press
Genres: Adult, Fantasy

The WITCHBREED series is a rich fantasy set in a time when magic is feared by most but harnessed by the ruthless.

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Johnny Part II.

John agreed to play in my kitchen while I did an interpretive dance. I have the most talented people in my kitchen, you would never believe. 353 more words



I LOVE MAYER. IN ANOTHER REALM NOT SO FAR FROM HERE, MAYER IS ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS. (My friend Shane and I have a competition going to see who hangs out with him first, but then who can do it without telling the other one, so that the other one THINKS they’re winning at doing it first, but they’re ACTUALLY NOT. 514 more words


In The Blood, Tractor Time

It’s time to collect the grass and make silage. Silage is simply fermented mulch for livestock to eat. It’s actually quite simple to make – I wish my dog could live off that stuff. 557 more words

In The Blood

In The Blood, "I love mowing!"

It’s 11:54am when I pull up to the farm. It’s quiet… odd for a sunny day. I get a text from Andrew to get the Ranger 4×4 (golf cart looking thing meant for mud and hauling) if that would provide me opportunity for better photos. 431 more words

In The Blood