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What I learned In Class This Morning.

They say life is a continual learning experience.

This morning, I walked into my Y12 classroom, where the heater had been on long enough to make the room too warm for me. 234 more words

True Story

O'Connell Chem H Review Sheet

Mr. O’Connell has provided Scallion with the following review sheet to help his students study for finals. Good luck!


Dancing on the Head of a Pin

I once heard a colleague refer to ‘death by vocabulary’, and she was right.You need to handle vocabulary with care. It is too easy to gloss every interesting word, discuss its various applications and anomalies. 273 more words

General Irrelevance

Topic - Resource List: Diversity / Difference / Power in the Writing Classroom

In the Creative Writing Pedagogy group, which is on Facebook, Rebecca Makkal asked the following question: “I’m looking for great essays (preferably online, assignable to graduate students) about diversity/difference/power in the writing classroom. 346 more words


Math TA Recalls Horrifying Hours of Forced Work in Darkened Closet Writing Puns for Assessment Name Lines

     Speaking up for the first time about what she described as “horrifyingly exploitative and debasing”, Math department TA Kristen Spearman recalled hours of forced work in a darkened N-200 closet writing puns intended for name lines on tests and quizzes. 168 more words


General English

I like to think of my classroom (since yesterday, anyway) as a situation awareness room. If not actually a war room.

I have been watching a couple of talks on TED given by the gnarly General Stanley McCrystal, head of Joint Special Operations in Iraq between 2003 and 2008, and later in Afghanistan, and now a teacher of international relations at Yale, and I want to be more like him – relaxed, intelligent, and terrifying both to his enemies and his allies. 171 more words


I have been talking to my students this week about information, and various trustworthy and untrustworthy sources of information, but neglected to mention the least trustworthy of all: their teacher. 293 more words

In The Classroom