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Informal Assessment for ELLs from Colorin Colorado

This has to be one of my most favorite finds since I’ve begun this blogging adventure! As a teacher, I am always looking for ways to NOT reinvent the wheel. 22 more words

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Rigor is...Rigor is not...

My district has recently started encouraging layered centers within primary grades K-3. This means that each activity students do is differentiated and within the activity there are layers. 190 more words

My NonfictioNOW 2017 by Genia Blum--Part I: Celebrity and Humility

Three weeks before the start of the NonfictionNOW 2017 conference in Reykjavík, I emailed the keynote speaker, Wayne Koestenbaum—poet, writer, painter, musician, author of several celebrity-based books and a literary celebrity in his own right—with a request for an interview: 1,849 more words

In the Classroom: Good White Teaching

Many of us good white teachers have been in the profession for a long, long time. We’ve stayed in it because we love teaching and feel we are good at it. 463 more words

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The Value of Mistakes

It’s mid-August and the building buzzes with teachers preparing for the first day of school. I find myself wondering what to do with this big, empty room that feels sterile and uninviting. 1,114 more words

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Anchoring Online Portfolios

When I was an elementary classroom teacher, my students built elaborate portfolios to document their thinking and progress. As a specialist, I carry components of this into my practice — intervention groups document and reflect on their learning regularly — but it feels truncated and telescoped. 1,677 more words

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Would You Rather be Right or Happy?

Occasionally, I tell certain students that they can be right or they can be happy.

They have usually been eristic, more clever than kind, critical or corrective of their peers in ways which are not fruitful. 210 more words