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"3 Tips to Make Any Lesson More Culturally Responsive" from Cult of Pedagogy


I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching the last few weeks. The end of every school year always has me looking back at “me.” What did I do well, what can be better, and what I should never do again, are just a few of the self reflections I make. 70 more words

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Music: work showcase!

Summer term is always very busy in any Music department (all terms are busy!), but Lister Music Department is noisier than most! We could write more and tell you how brilliant our students are and how hard they are working, but we think it is better if you can see it for yourself! 165 more words

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Hey World, “We’re All Wonders”

Tapping in to Literacy Along With Some Tolerance and Respect

Frequently, books and films in popular culture and Hollywood spill over into the classroom, creating opportunities for conversations that might not otherwise happen. 821 more words

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Science - Air resistance

A few weeks ago Year 5 investigated the effects of air resistance by buildings different parachutes and timing how fast they fell to the ground. In the end the investigation wasn’t very successful as it was quite windy but we did talk about how we could improve next time.

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Science - Growing plants

This year Year 5 are having a go at growing plants from the end of old vegetables. We have learnt that some plants can re-root and grow identical copies of themselves. 26 more words

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Listenwise - How this site can change your Listening instruction


Do you ever wonder how to give students good, engaging, audio clips to practice their listening skills? Listenwise will change your life! The link above is to an article, from Colorin Colorado, written by Listenwise’s creator. 24 more words

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Language Acquisition Overview from Colorin Colorado


I really loved this article from Colorin Colorado. When brushing up on Language Acquisition (one of the chapters we are reading about in my class this week is on learning first languages) I turned here for a refresher. 28 more words

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