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First Encounter ~ WIP

Her arm hurt. Couldn’t that woman stop pulling at it? She hadn’t done anything. It hurt. Why didn’t she let her go? She could walk; she was no baby. 1,193 more words


When Reality Strikes....

I’ve got friends and family who have kids, who doesn’t? I always see and hear them talking about taking their kids to their extracurricular activities. Which I think is awesome. 347 more words

The Journey 2 November 2015

Mindfulness is not a magic potion. Like a new diet, piece of technology or idea it doesn’t work unless you use it. New running shoes don’t exercise to get fit or lose weight. 481 more words

Modern Life

The Journey 1 Nov 15

This day has been a long time coming. There have been false starts, doubts, relapses and just plain laziness and pigheadedness. The Journey is about being present and mindful as often as possible, in all areas of life. 423 more words

Modern Life

Peck Peck Peck

I love chickens.

It is awesome how they walk around like a fluffy Tyrannosaurus rex! Normally I would demonstrate, but as you can’t see me, just imagine I am strutting around in front of you, like a dinosaur/pharaoh/chicken. 198 more words



It’s Beatrice’s 16th birthday, the choosing ceremony, where she chooses her faction. The place she will live for the rest of her life, if she survives orientation. 257 more words