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Science ~ Clones

In response to DeviantArt Flash Fiction Month July 27 prompt: Science
image by Fuacka

He looks up blinking, shocked at what he sees. The light is slightly blinding but that’s not what makes him gasp.

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Short Story

The Hunger Games

In the future the United States, now known as Panem, are split up in Districts. Katniss Everdeen lives in the twelfth district. Each Year a tribute is chosen from each of the twelve districts of Panem. 330 more words


Flash Fiction Month July 14 ~ Revolution

In response to DeviantArt Flash Fiction July 14 Challenge

“JUPITER!” The name resounded in the tunnel. They were coming. Damn it! No one was supposed to be there today.

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Short Story

Flash Fiction Month July 11 ~ Road to Perfection

In response to DeviantArt Flash Fiction Month July 11 prompt

He observed her as she stood still in the middle of the room: perfect curves, ideal height and structure.

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Short Story

Times are forever changing. Friends change as well, some come and go. Very few are there forever.


Flash Fiction Month July 8 ~ Reboot

In response to Flash Fiction Month July 8 prompt
I went with the image First Wave by Softyrider62

Adina looked around her as she observed the ship’s passengers: she was so curious, even now.

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The Corporeal Nature of The Universe and The Malignant Organ of Earth


Gregory J.M. Kasunich

In the future, it has been discovered that the planet Earth, the planet on which humanity ascended from whatever evolutionary predecessors and remained persistently tethered (aside from brief and expensive sojourns beyond the protective membrane of the atmosphere to neighboring planets and moons), in what was once perceived to be the vast and expanding singular universe, is nothing more or less than a simple, mere, organ; a functioning, living viscus in a vast, celestial, four dimensional (and rather incomprehensible) creature. 1,843 more words