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The Corporeal Nature of The Universe and The Malignant Organ of Earth


Gregory J.M. Kasunich

In the future, it has been discovered that the planet Earth, the planet on which humanity ascended from whatever evolutionary predecessors and remained persistently tethered (aside from brief and expensive sojourns beyond the protective membrane of the atmosphere to neighboring planets and moons), in what was once perceived to be the vast and expanding singular universe, is nothing more or less than a simple, mere, organ; a functioning, living viscus in a vast, celestial, four dimensional (and rather incomprehensible) creature. 1,843 more words

Kill Order

The Sun Flares have detroyed almost the entire population of the world. Then when the Virus takes over, Mark, Trina, Lana and Alec decide its time to leave the civilization. 320 more words


180 Degrees ~ Change of Heart

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt 180 Degrees:
Tell us about a time you did a 180 — changed your views on something, reversed a decision, or acted in a way you ordinarily don’t.

1,262 more words
365 Days Of Blogging

Now and THEN {Phantom of the Paradise Phan Fiction}

{ Phantom of the Paradise Phan Fiction }

  Gillian Finley


                                                   ~Author’’s Note~

I started this story….between the first and 2nd advents that we Phantom Phans phondly remember as Phantompalooza . 5,510 more words

Phantom Of The Paradise

Your Voice Will Find You ~ Silent World

In response to Writing 101 Day 15’s prompt: Your Voice Will Find You.
Think about an event you’ve attended and loved. Your hometown’s annual fair.

1,173 more words


A few months ago, Special Circumstances was a topic not alot of people liked you talk about. Now everybody knows and I, Tally Youngblood, am a Special. 113 more words

In The Future


After waiting 16 years Tally is finally a pretty and gets to live in the nice part of town. Life for Tally is bubblier than she could have ever imagined. 131 more words