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Go ~ Choices

In answer to Linda G Hill’s stream of consciousness prompt Go
and Kristi’s Six (or Sixty) minute challenge.

“GO! DON’T STOP!” She exclaimed pushing the child ahead of her.

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Welcome to the future, were everyone as soon as they reach the age of 16, becomes a pretty and gets to live in the nice part of town. 291 more words



My one nightmare about having children


a thing I found on Tumblr

“5 summers from now
there will be another guy
who will be wrapping his hands
around my waist.And he’ll ask me
if I have been in love. 123 more words

When I'm thirty...

When I’m thirty, I predict I will be in love with a man whose eyes remind me of the first time my heart broke and the serenity of the ocean floor at noon when the sunlight ripples and curls across it. 179 more words


What The Financial System Will Look Like In The Future

Source: Sovereign Man blog, by Simon Black

Thousands of years ago whenever the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt passed away, they were buried with all of their gold in a specially constructed tomb. 248 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence