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Fitness Friday | Leg Day

Hello everyone!

Today I thought I’d share with you the leg workout I did this week because it was super killer (leg day was Tuesday and I’m still sore!!). 223 more words


Core Activation, Full Body Workout

This workout is dedicated to activating your core at all times. Doing floor work is great but getting off the floor and incorporating your core into a full body workout will excel your progress! 103 more words

In The Gym

HIIT: Core and Cardio

Jumping Jacks
Russian Twists

High Knees

Butt Kicks

Horizontal Line Jumps
Right Side Oblique Crunch

Vertical Line Jumps
Left Side Oblique Crunch

Box Toe Taps
Heel Touches

50 x 3

Tricks & Tips

My Current Workout Split

Many of you have asked about my personal training, in regards to how I train myself. So to celebrate the New Year, I’m sharing my current workout split. 204 more words

Tricks & Tips

HIIT: Partner Workout

Who doesn’t love to workout with a friend? Try this HIIT cardio workout with your favorite workout buddy!

Partner 1: 50 Jumping Jacks Partner 2: 40 more words

Tricks & Tips

HIIT: Staircase Workout

Many of my clients can not make it to the gym everyday of the week and ask me for at home workouts. The following is a simple body weight workout requiring only a stair case! 92 more words

Tricks & Tips

Shoulders and Calves Training Plan

I seem to have the most trouble growing my shoulders an my calves. The following is a new training plan I am following to help gain a bit more definition. 89 more words

In The Gym