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I <3 California by Sara Frykenberg

Its Friday. I drive down PCH, Highway 1, at five-o-clock in the morning on my way to the airport. I left early and avoided the evacuation traffic. 693 more words


News and Headlines. 11/16/2018

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631 reported missing amid California’s Camp Fire

Investigators using mobile DNA labs to identify victims in the rubble in northern California; Jeff Paul reports. 2,436 more words

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16th Nov 1918. The Signing of the Armistice


In the early hours of Monday morning—at five o’clock, to be precise—the plenipotentiaries sent by the German Government to Martin Foch to negotiate an armistice signified their acceptance of the terms which that great General had given to them to think over ; and, in accordance with the initial clause of those terms, the cruellest and most terrible war that has ever scourged mankind virtually came to an end six hours later, viz, at 11 o’clock on the 11th day of the 11th month of the year. 4,994 more words

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Trump accused of racism for honoring Elvis, as he awards Medal of Freedom to Babe Ruth, Scalia

The left has gone completely bonkers. Friday President Trump will award the Presidential Medal of Freedom to seven Americans including the late rock star Elvis Presley, though even that gesture is coming under fire from liberals. 406 more words

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Philosophy In The News, Weekly: November 10 to 16, 2018

The best of the philosophical internet from Wired, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Aeon, New Statesman, BBC, CNN, The Telegraph, Boston Review, The New York Times and The Guardian. 465 more words

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Russia pledges to act to 'restore' military balance if U.S. quits nuclear arms pact

Monday Russia said it would be forced to respond in kind to restore the military balance with the United States if President Donald Trump carried through on a threat to quit a landmark nuclear arms treaty and began developing new missiles. 624 more words

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University Press Week: Science

Happy University Press Week! The university press community amplifies voices, disciplines, and communities.

University presses publish authors from around the world and right at home, writing on subjects that are broad, niche, and every level of inquiry in between. 237 more words

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