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The Day The Moon Was Won

“Well, man’s dream and a nation’s pledge have now been fulfilled. The lunar age has begun. And with it, mankind’s march outward into that endless sky from this small planet circling an insignificant star in a minor solar system on the fringe of a seemingly infinite universe.

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Me to We - Hot Potato!

We excel at making a living but often fail at making a life. We celebrate our prosperity but yearn for purpose. We cherish our freedoms but long for connection. 950 more words

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Britain warns of 'serious consequences' if Iran doesn't release seized tanker as regime insists it was 'reciprocal' move

Britain warned Iran that it’s on a “dangerous path” after its authorities seized a British-flagged tanker in the Persian Gulf, but the regime insists it was a “reciprocal” measure amid economic sanctions. 461 more words

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White House Blocks Conway From House Oversight Testimony

Monday the White House said it will not allow presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway to appear before a House committee looking into allegations that she repeatedly violated a federal law that limits political activity by government workers. 424 more words

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Over The Moon

Fifty years ago, Neil Armstrong took “one giant leap for mankind.” A momentous occasion by anybody’s reckoning. In the intervening years, our species has visited our planet’s satellite merely a handful of times. 240 more words


The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray: Your Wait is Over

For the last eon, all we’ve seen of the upcoming C8 Corvette is a camouflaged test car tearing up the streets and tracks across the country. 480 more words

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Iran “Nothing But Trouble”

This news report tells us Iran has just seized two British oil tankers.

With that, it is looking more and more like the trigger for the… 254 more words

Signpost #2: Iran