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Dramatic introduction

Today is the composer Gustav Mahler’s birthday. Mahler is deep, deep inside me. When Isaac was just barely 24 hours old (29+ years ago), JB and I were sitting on our bed with Isaac between us, our hands resting on his small sleeping body, watching/ listening to Zubin Mehta conduct Mahler’s… 181 more words




He hatched in a place called Klerksdorp and he bites down my throat when I struggle to pronounce his name. There are letters in places that my tongue and brain struggle to articulate. 364 more words

Lessons to Learn from my First Year of College

1. I underestimated how challenging college classes would be. I was too confident in myself, and overloaded on credits thinking that I would be able to handle the ampleĀ  courseload. 998 more words


I am living in the moment and I don't care

I was driving home last night and this realization came upon me: I am living in the moment!!! And I don’t care about tomorrow or any worries about the future. 174 more words


There Is No Perfect Job

I learned long ago that there is no perfect man, perfect relationship, perfect house, perfect life. But for some reason, that never stopped me from looking for the perfect career or job situation. 532 more words

Personal Development

In the Now

Art work by Carina Francioso

In the Now

What keeps us from living in the now?

Perhaps it is nostalgia that binds us to yesterday… 399 more words


The Way I'm Socially Wired

I never had a self-consciousness about fitting out socially. I rarely miss anyone. I have a habit of being a hermit at times. Of sheltering myself. 123 more words

In The Now