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Question Seven

What currently brings you a real sense of joy?

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Christopher Hogan Lay

I am so much more.....

Looking back over my life, and everything that has happened, I thought I was to focus on helping others within their weight loss journey.  Yet, my story is so much more than an issue with weight.   510 more words

In The Now

The results are in!

So I weighed in yesterday.  This time just feels different.  It is not difficult.  I am not struggling, granted I could be pushing myself harder, yet I just can’t be bothered with all that stress that comes from setting goals within a time frame and/or amount.   315 more words

In The Now

The beauty of vulnerability

I posted a video this past weekend on my Facebook page.  It was a video that started out being funny, then as I thought about it it turned out not to be very funny at all.   212 more words

In The Now

Paislee and her Blocks

Paislee ( Life style Child )

NO matter how often I clean Paislee’s room she always goes in to it and says “wow! Its almost like she thinks she has a new room. 188 more words

In The Now

"In the Now"

“In the Now”

Here in the past few months I have come to love lifestyle sessions! Its not about the posing or the nice outfits. Its about capturing the moments when they are happy whether they are messy or clean. 291 more words

In The Now

Here is the truth

I am absolutely happy with me, right here in the now.  If I never obtain the ultimate weight loss goal that I carry inside of me, I am okay.   508 more words

In The Now