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Taking time when you need the time

It seems like everyone I know is running in circles. Gotta go here. Gotta do this. Gotta run do that.

Sleep? Who has time for sleep, much less rest? 599 more words


Stop Worrying About the "How" and Just Be in the "Now"

Your job is to generate and to allow your creative thoughts to come, shaping matter into manifestation. To nurture creative thoughts by being fertile ground for them to sow and grow.  374 more words


Never Underestimate The Moment

We can get so caught up in our daily lives we forget to stay present, in the moment.  Today reminded me of how important it is to go with the flow, and follow a thread of energy as it arises. 647 more words

Oneness Consciousness Movement

Morning after

Mornings when the moon still shines in the sky, worn and fading from a night of full fancy, hanging round for a final show, a fond adieu and see you on the flip side. 13 more words

Visual Poetry

Exercise for the Soul: Number Four

As you go through the day, anywhere you might be, look at someone’s face and silently say to them, “The love in me salutes the love in you.” Observe what happens. 6 more words

Christopher Hogan Lay

Question Seven

What currently brings you a real sense of joy?

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Christopher Hogan Lay