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Aftermarket Valve Stem Caps

One area of cars that people like to customize that is surprising to me is the valve stems on the wheels. They’re such small, easily overlooked parts, yet some people care about them enough to buy special caps to change the look of them. 140 more words

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Honda HR-V Suspension Carnage

If there’s anything that can draw a small crowd of mechanics, it’s a car that’s gotten some impressive damage from a crash. Here’s a few pictures of a Honda HR-V that was sitting outside our body shop. 121 more words

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I bought a camper!

Before you get all goofy it is a project.

A big project!

1992 Coleman Seneca XL

This picture is an intact camper. Just not mine  Mine is mechanically solid and fully functional but water damaged roof interior and badly damaged canvas. 50 more words

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❂ In the Shop: Vintage Round-Up

Left: ❂ 1960s super groovy and fun polyester mini dress. The top is white with long sleeves, collar and a front zipper with decorative pearly drop tassel. 167 more words

Dashboard Removal

Last week was the second time I’ve had the fun job of removing a dashboard to replace part of the HVAC system, this time on a Honda Fit. 283 more words

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Rim Protector Failure

Compared to even ten years ago, more and more cars are coming with bigger and bigger wheels, meaning thinner tire profiles. That means more potential for wheel damage from potholes and curbs. 84 more words

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Quick Tip: Oxygen Sensor Thread Chaser

I’ve got another quick tip for you, once again about exhaust systems and oxygen sensor replacement. 156 more words

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