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Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly

Yesterday a new species of swallowtail butterfly visited the yard. This zebra swallowtail stopped a while to explore the butterfly bush, letting me snap a few photos before it wandered off. 17 more words


A Few Butterfly Answers

I ended yesterday’s post¬†about Black Swallowtail Butterflies with a few questions:

I wonder if there is enough summer left for them? Will they emerge and mate this year?

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More Swallowtails

The yard’s swallowtail cycle went into high gear through the early weeks of August. Which meant that, for a while, there were more caterpillars than the predators could eat. 260 more words


The Hummingbirds

Today was a fretful day for the hummingbirds. At least three were trying to stay close to the honeysuckle and the feeders, vying for a favored pair of branches in the pear tree. 98 more words


Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

A few weeks ago, this Eastern Tiger Swallowtail was so distracted by nectar that it didn’t object as I crept¬†closer and closer with the macro lens. 16 more words


Swallowtail Setbacks

After last summer’s monarch success, I was eager to attract more butterflies to the yard. My sister-in-law frequently sees Black Swallowtail caterpillars on the dill she grows in her garden, so I planted a basket of dill this spring. 600 more words



51. Appreciate your siblings, especially if you get along with them.

52. Friends are the family you select!

Those are two that should have been included in my previous blog about… 753 more words

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