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Chickadees and Writing Events

Thursday a lone chickadee decided to do a little spring cleaning in one of the wren houses.

Thick clouds were moving in, ahead of a line of heavy rain, and the little bird seemed aware that there wasn’t much time for nest clearing. 451 more words


The Neighbors: The Open Letter Edition,

Dear Neighbor:

Are  you missing something? Your DOG, maybe?

So, hey, Neighbor, let me explain to you how my morning went, thanks to your inability to care for your puppy. 707 more words


The Neighbors - I Want to Kick Their Butts Edition...

So Pit-Girl came back today while I was at work.

I am SO very angry, I can hardly see straight, however. (And this is NOT because my nose is all out of whack; it’s just out of joint. 491 more words

In The Yard

A Few Steps Closer to Spring

I usually count the first open-windows day as the first day of spring, but this year I confused the issue by cheating. One day last week, desperate for fresh air, I opened the windows and wore a coat in the house for a few hours. 105 more words


 Spring Has Finally Sprung!

I love spring. I love almost everything about it. The only down side would be seasonal allergies, lol, but aside from that? What’s not to love?! 473 more words

Life’s Little Victories

The More I Get to Know People...

…the more I appreciate my canine friends.

Now that I have calmed down (or am simply too tired to fuss much after being up most of the night), I will tell you the rest of the story. 615 more words

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