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review - ice

Australian writer / director Madison Pelzer’s Ice is a near text-book perfect example of visual storytelling. Haunting visuals captivate from the first frame, with DP Matt Wilson’s deft camera work giving a great sense of space and mood in the quiet, suburban setting. 311 more words

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review - the ideal

This unique and highly stylized film hails from the country of Latvia. The surreal journey opens with a decidedly less than “ideal” aging rock star and a young beauty immeshed in a bizarre relationship, where the beauty aspires to satisfy the rock star’s every desire for perfection. 417 more words

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review - welcome to the last bookstore

This touching short documentary from filmmaker Chad Howitt chronicles, as the title suggests, the Last Bookstore and its self-effacing owner, Josh Spencer. Growing from humble beginnings in 2005, the store has arguably become a center-piece in the gradual reshaping of downtown Los Angeles that has occurred over the last couple of decades. 506 more words

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Neighbors 2

Did you enjoy the first Neighbors, or the original Hangover?  Then you’ll like Neighbors 2.  More of the same, but its good in the same way that more pizza is good. 222 more words

Money Monster

Money Monster was better than I thought it was going to be.  Everyone was cast well, and the acting improves as the movie moves along. MM probably should have come out eight years ago, during the Recession.   137 more words

The Darkness

The 2016 film The Darkness follows the lives of a young family who, after a camping trip, bring home dark spirits of Native American legends. 506 more words

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Money Monster (2016)

When it’s not recycling old material, Hollywood is always looking for subject matter that is relevant and touches on subject matter that has been in the news recently.  989 more words