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People Like You - In Their Own Words

Hailing from Boston, the influences that inspire the quintet, People Like You, are quite possibly the most eclectic of any band we’ve heard this year. They formed out of the ashes of emo/math punk band, I Kill Giants, and infuse their take on indie with elements of jazz, hip-hop, classical guitar, improvisation, and a decent whack of poppy melodies. 1,390 more words

Adam Torres - In Their Own Words

Back in 2006, as a twenty year old songwriter, Adam Torres self-recorded his debut album, Nostra Nova. Inspired by the visual art of Adolf Wolfli and the writing of Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, it was a remarkably ambitious recording, and one that has slowly become a cult classic over the passing decade. 1,000 more words

David Martinez Stumbles Across a Simpler Way of Life While Looking for That Perfect Surf Break

David Martinez recently returned from vacation having met some some people who have chosen to live a very simple existence.  When he shared the story and the photos, I asked him to write something for the blog.  434 more words

In Their Own Words

[GUEST POST] Hachiku - In Their Own Words

A guest post courtesy of the virtual pen of Gareth Ware

As the artistic vehicle for the perennially nomadic Anika Ostendorf, it’s safe to say that Hachiku has had an unorthodox genesis. 2,632 more words


En la terraza al sol
amigo mío
después de muchos años
descansa la piel acumulada superpuesta.
Es decir
hay debajo.
Aún las palabras
en la terraza al sol se dejan ver. 53 more words

In Their Own Words


Veo a dios en el cielo
y entre las viñas, veo al hombre.
Veo el azul y el verde.
Amable la neurosis que permite,
sin confundir fronteras, 18 more words

In Their Own Words


El principio de todo fue el olor
lo diferente
y supe certidumbre : llegaba a una isla.
Rompía mi raíz bajo otras aguas.
En tanta oscuridad perdí atadura… 18 more words

In Their Own Words