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In Her Own Words: A Daughter Restored

Hi, my name is Vicky. As of today, I’ve been clean for 404 days.

My childhood was okay, I never went hungry and always had family around. 679 more words


Thought Provoker Series: Leigh Beisch Speaks With Jim Carlton

Occasionally, Leigh Beisch adds to a series she started a while back, called Thought Provokers.  The idea is to share experiences or interviews with people who have inspired her throughout her life and career.  1,425 more words

Notes From A Rep's Journal

Insights on Retouching: From a Client’s Perspective with photographer Hunter Freeman

Last spring, digital artist, Dennis Dunbar, started a series on retouching that aimed to provide some perspective on the process.  Since then he has published four interviews.  1,047 more words

Name Dropping

Ask Me Anything, Business As Unusual

Back in September, Judy Hermann of the ASMP was brave to host their first ever Ask Me Anything event. I was delighted to be part of their debut.  131 more words

Notes From A Rep's Journal

What Did Tim Tadder Tell Archive Magazine He Thinks Is the Next Big Thing in Advertising?

Last month, Lurzer’s Int’l Archive Magazine published an interview with Tim Tadder on their blog.  They asked him what he thought the next big thing in advertising would be as well as the best piece of creative at the moment.  35 more words

Notes From A Rep's Journal

The Classics and Plumbing; Two Unlikely Pairs Brought to Life by Chris Crisman

Chris Crisman recently published a post about a fun project he worked on for American Standard and 22Squared.  It was so enjoyable to read I asked if I could publish it here too.  568 more words

Notes From A Rep's Journal