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David Mahlobo, South Africa’s State Security Minister, justified his department’s budget in an address to parliament today. Here is the section of his speech headed Global and National Security Environment. 500 more words

In Their Own Words

We All Love a Good Wrap Party

Thank you David Martinez for reminding us why we all love a good wrap party!

“I looked around the table at a recent wrap dinner in LA and OUCH felt a little bittersweet pang. 292 more words

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Want to Know Which Producer Said, "Complaining Is Not a Strategy?"

We all know that being a producer is not an easy job.  The long hours, the endless revisions and the crazy requests; all without complaints,  are only some of the things that make the great ones stand out.  1,845 more words

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Once Upon A Time in America

This is a blog about stories.

Some pretty amazing stories people are being told in the US election campaign. To me, it often feels more like an extreme reality show than politics. 416 more words

Guest Posts

The Ice Hotel, Dog Sledding and Reindeers. Andy Anderson Explores Swedish Lapland for the Second Time This Year.

When Andy Anderson came back from Swedish Lapland for the second time this year and told met that he visited The Ice Hotel, I knew we needed to share the images as well explain a bit more about this very special place in the world he visited.  433 more words

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The Morning Quote

Shorter Tom Cotton: “It’s All About ME!”

“ rendered something of a split decision in the last two elections,” he said. “In 2012, they did elect President Obama, in part to nominate justices and judges, but in 2014 they elected me and a net nine new Republican Senators, in part, to say: ‘Stop. 8 more words

In Their Own Words

Chris Crisman Adds Motion to a Single Image

By Anne Telford
Photography has evolved over the decades to the present moment when it’s even possible to introduce motion into a still photo. Imagine a girl sitting on a rustic wooden fence in a forest while blue butterflies swirl around her. 937 more words

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