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In This Moment

I’m heartbroken. I know I’m being totally irrational but I just found out my favourite group is performing at Coachella. I’m happy for them and all but I’m completely torn up that they’re mainstream. 33 more words

In this moment

I can’t stop crying.

I hate everything about myself.

In This Moment

I am not okay. I’m tired. I’m anxious. I’m shaking.

I’m so annoyed and frustrated and angry.

I should not have to cover 2 people at work simultaneously while also being a point of contact for major store issues. 54 more words

365 of 42...Day 10

Taking time for quiet and me.

Tonight I really needed to take some time to relax with no expectations being met by anyone or myself. So other than cleaning my place because it’s the grown up thing to do, I’m on my 3rd documentary. 71 more words


In this moment

I am happy. I can feel it in my chest. A lightness.

It feels like everything is going to be okay.

I hope it lasts.

In this moment

I feel excited for the new year. I’m hopeful, yet somehow empty. Kind of in a “let’s kick this ass” kind of mode. I’m trying to schedule my life and have a routine as much as possible, and I’m trying to do things by myself now. 57 more words

Maria Brink considering a solo album

In This Moment’s Maria Brink is considering a solo album

It looks like Maria Brink the singer from In This Moment is contemplating recording a solo album apart from her main band of 13 years, who just released their sixth album Ritual last summer. 204 more words