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In Too Deep

I’ve never known my limit
So like always
I went
In too deep
Now I’m a shadow
Of the person
I once was
Drowning in regrets


My Good Read of the Day for Young Adults (05/31/15)

In Too Deep

by D C Grant

Side Note from Felina Silver Robinson: D C Grant does an amazing job telling the story of young Josh who’s plagued with his parents never-ending battles over financial struggles. 39 more words


A Review of Portia Da Costa's In Too Deep

I find myself starting to wonder if I should even keep trying out erotic stories. Every now and then, I come across one with an interesting plot line and get excited only to be disappointed. 316 more words

in too deep

Blood runs fast

Pulse shoots up

Muscles tense

Deep breaths

Short breaths

There’s more than one way to…

Incessant movement

High energy

Want to do it all at once… 45 more words


Life vs Art

Warning up front, this may have a couple spoiler-ish tidbits from my second vampire novel, In Too Deep. It’s unavoidable. Why?

I may have accidentally predicted one of the biggest ecological crisis in my lifetime–the California drought. 369 more words

R.C. Murphy

All Killer, No Filler – Sum 41

Release Year: 2001

Rating: 7/10

When Sum 41 first hit the scene back in 2001, many wrote off the band as clones of pop-punk counterparts… 754 more words


Book 12: In Too Deep, Amanda Grace

When I read this book I have one thought about the author. She must be a Backstreet Boys fan. Seeing the name Nick and Carter in one sentence, though as two different persons makes my heart seem like a butter on a warm pan. 352 more words