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Day 34 in Valhalla

Feb 13

Welcome back to Valhalla and things have finally returned to normal. Clocks have started working as they should, the dance music that filled the air for Festivale has been replaced by the usual town’s soundtrack, the confetti rain has stopped, and the feathers are no longer floating around. 739 more words

Free Time = Game Time

C rank level up!

Time to upgrade my watch but first the crank a kai machine will I get a yo kai or will I get items?

And I got a yo kai!! 490 more words

Free Time = Game Time

Kyubi the bully?

I really need to play this game more often I forget just how much I love it.

And we start things off with a big I don’t know what we are doing together and with Dad giving me a bike! 431 more words

Free Time = Game Time

Helping dad!

I’m back at it with yo kai watch, and damn I forgot how much I loved the music and weird thinly connected plot line. And today we are helping dad save his job! 426 more words

Free Time = Game Time

WEP: Get In!

Sam: (Shaking his head vigorously) No I won’t!

Mother: Why not?

Sam: It’s too deep. I’ll sink.

Mother: Oh come on, Sam. It’s not that deep. 115 more words


Finding the shady businessman!

Back to yo kai watch I have missed my spooky friends! Well let’s track down this shady business man that tattletell told us all about… 291 more words

Free Time = Game Time


You’ve been here before

Standing with your back to us all

Ignorant to the screams behind you


In too deep

But knowing that you cannot stop… 61 more words