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beauty in sense

whistling in the dark

and what it was the common

and long on the ago

and said on the making

and for the turning

and its own so held… 46 more words


Are you a Nagold Supermom?

I’m a food blogger and I love cooking. Fortunately, I’ve been blessed with family members who love cooking too. Especially my mum. She is an excellent cook and anything I know about cooking is all thanks to her. 557 more words

Restaurant Review

Dwyane Wade's Cousin Fatally Shot In Chicago

Yesterday, Nykea Aldridge (Dwayne Wade’s cousin) was fatally shot in the Parkway Gardens neighborhood South Side Chicago) as an incident bystander while pushing stroller. Aldridge was a mother of four.


Indigenous Land Rights

Indigenous Land Rights

Buried in old
Dirt as old
As she was
When she died

Quietly for once
Not yowling
Or crying
But silently

Suddenly… 28 more words


Start of a new idea - As of yet untitled...

A whisper, silent and quick, the breeze blowing, blissful in the steaming heat of the under-city. As the breeze rushed past him the stench of sewage became entwined with the image of the dancing dust, rising and falling with the air that carried it. 447 more words


in a window of words

conversation takes many connections

and through this life

and at the bottom of the making

and for the lasting impression

and whom it was the wanted… 44 more words


when in kept

thought on the standing

and must of the better

and for the truth

and caught

and keeping

and for the level

and choice on the leaping… 47 more words