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Beef Short Ribs

This is the perfect dinner recipe for a cleaning day. Prepare the dish and away it goes in the oven while you finish other chores around the house. 333 more words

Dinner Recipes

Get Your Good News Gossip

Regular readers, and practically anyone who’s ever met me, know that I’m not a big fan of the snark. There are plenty out there who are, but I prefer to be more of a celebrator of the good things in life. 112 more words

Roasted Vegetable Lasagna

Behold make-ahead cold weather goodness:

I wanted lasagna. A homemade, gooey, bubbling-with-marinara, weighing 10 pounds-or-something-that-feels-like-a-brick lasagna. I didn’t care how long the prep time was as long as it yielded enough for lots of leftovers and/or the freezer. 597 more words


Old-Fashioned Apple Crisp

Ina Garten’s apple crisp. Served warm with slightly melting vanilla ice cream. Words escape me…mainly cause I can’t keep my spoon out of the dish. I think I’m addicted to amazing desserts. 328 more words


Spicy Hermit Bars

Ina Garten’s newest cookbook, Cooking for Jeffrey, is a real gem. I’ve been working my way though her cookbook for the past few months and these… 98 more words

Salty Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Ina Garten’s Make it Ahead cookbook is my all time favorite. As the name suggests, all of the recipes can be prepared in advance so that you can enjoy being a hostess rather than being stuck in the kitchen. 67 more words

White lasagna with mushrooms

I love this lasagna. It’s unlike any other I’ve cooked in that it has not an ounce of tomato sauce, mozzarella, ricotta, or meat. It has really three elements: pasta, béchamel, and mushrooms. 656 more words