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Mark Cuban, Owner of the Dallas Mavericks, accused of “various acts of inappropriate conduct toward women.”

Mark Cuban watches his team warm up…


New York Times News Service, 3:27 AM

February 21, 2018

Following a report that a former team president had engaged in “various acts of inappropriate conduct toward women,” the Dallas Mavericks have hired outside counsel to conduct an independent investigation of the alleged acts and of the team’s overall workplace environment. 743 more words

Cosplayer Explains First-Hand Account of Recent "Cosplay Is Not Consent" Incident

#CosplayIsNotConsent: #cosplayer #AlchemicFox (check out her #YouTube channel) has published a first-hand account of how she was #groped & #punched while attending an anime con in a #Naruto #costume by a female cosplayer: 56 more words


What Are the Rules of Costuming & Cosplay?

What are the rules of #costuming & #cosplay? If you ask this question to any #costumer or #cosplayer, they’ll likely say that there aren’t any. While this is true in the sense that there is no universal costuming & cosplay group that has established any rules nor would it be possible for such a group (if it existed) to enforce them, there are rules that costumers & cosplayers should follow or face potential consequences for failing to do so, because some have. 1,563 more words


Six Years Ago...What If I Had Not Left Edward Jones!

I love Snoopy, that daredevil comic creation of Mr. Schultz.  Snoopy has no fear, he doe snot care if it is the weekend or a Saturday or the beginning of  a New Year.   867 more words

Portrait of a bad teacher

I don’t think many people realize how hard it is to teach someone something. You can’t just tell someone what to do. You must have patience, and a step by step plan for the students who just don’t seem to grasp the idea. 455 more words

Lessons Learned

The Persons of the Year

Time’s “Person of the Year” isn’t President Donald Trump, which surely annoyed him, and he was surely further annoyed by the choice the magazine made. This year’s pick is the… 696 more words