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Part Five: Before The Murder, How To Start An Affair

Pamela was married only a half-year when she decided that life was boring.  Her husband worked hard at learning his new job, less time was spent drinking, dining and partying.   988 more words

Moon-to-Sun Returns

Temper Temper

There’s a runner in the park I’d like to kill.  You usually see him trying to woo women by showing them around wearing American flag shorts.  331 more words


Misogyny, racism and worse! The Comedy Central Roast is a “purge” for despicable behavior.

A punch line on Comedy Central…

Over the years, I have been criticized –often justifiably- for being tone deaf to politically correct behavior. At times, I go to far with a “witty” observation. 587 more words


Quiet Please

What’s the deal with loud people? No, I’m not doing a Seinfeld bit. I’m really asking: what’s with people talking too loud in public places? As a person who spends… 729 more words


I have been doing horribly inappropriate things. I can’t make myself not do them, but after I’ve acted inappropriately, I can see where I acted wrong.   522 more words

A Sample of Internet Dating Responses I Have Received

I have on and mostly off attempted to jump into internet dating for the last 10 years.  To be fair most of the responses have been appropriate and this is in no way a man bashing exercise.   398 more words

Single Mom

What NOT to do at the office party.

It’s that time of year again — the office holiday party! Many careers crash and burn related to inappropriate behavior at this event.

Below is a list of what NOT to do at the office party. 700 more words

Gluten Free