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Ty Herndon Out Of Line

I have been a victim of sexual abuse and harassment all of my life, you would think things would have changed when I transitioned from female to male but sadly they have not. 1,013 more words

How Rapists are Made

About yesterday.

So, I wasn’t going to say anything about two students on two separate occasions making references about my female genitalia yesterday. (The one student repeated comments about my “coochie” over and over) But in light of all of this BS about Nate Parker and his movie, I think I will. 770 more words

January 7th, 2016

– On the subway into Manhattan. Video taken at 11:58 am. His gaze was not directed at anyone “target” in particular, but roamed the fairly crowded subway car looking at the women around him. 147 more words

But, I Was Doing So Well!


I tried to stay above the fray, I really did. But, SOME people just won’t leave you be to enjoy your happy, reasonable place. 517 more words


A "Flagrant Foul" Limerick

I got tossed last night. And not for arguing balls and strikes. Though to be consistent with the baseball metaphor, I was sent to the showers for missing a sign and trying to steal a base on my own. 143 more words

Professor Fired For Not Swearing

DYSTOPIA–Asst. Prof. of English Chas T. Tayhee has been dismissed for “a combination of inappropriate actions,” but primarily  for “not fucking swearing in his damn classes,” Dystopia College Provost Eddina Field confirmed today.” 546 more words

Detecting Bid Rigging in Public Procurement - OECD Guidelines

Vigorous competition among suppliers helps governments to obtain the best value for money for the goods and services they procure. Conversely, when competition is curtailed – for example when suppliers engage in bid rigging – taxpayers’ money is wasted as governments pay more than a fair price. 258 more words