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Ooh silky….

A large fellow who thought “well alrighty”

When alone would slip on his wife’s nighty

Loved the soft silken feel

Made him quiver and squeal… 8 more words


Rude Limerick Maybe?

A hardworking hooker, not picky

about who’d she’d get hot and quite sticky

she jerked Nig, Claude and Fred

to Big Dave she gave head… 11 more words


Real Talk.

Its crazy to think how we’re affected by actions made by those around us. How the innocence of a child can be taken away from them and it not be their fault. 383 more words


Oh go on then, it is Wednesday after all.

Once a man who would give nought to charity

had a moment of soul searching clarity

gave up all he possessed

to the poor did divest… 11 more words


It's getting personal now it seems.

There once was a woman from Maine

loved her dog but it drove her insane

ate her chairs and the sofa

soiled her husband Bill’s loafer… 122 more words


Up yours Tuesday

Once a chap hated Tuesday, such dread

so he refused to get out of his bed

To sleep Monday, forlorn

and get up Wednesday morn

and between under blankets instead


Get well soon

Heard your gastric bypass went quite well

though you’re starving and grumpy as hell

silver lining they say

you’ll lose weight day by day

and you’ll sweat less so maybe won’t smell