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Mental Health Discrimination in Surgery?

Well, it’s been quite the week! Two surgical consults, one at NYU and one at Hospital for Special Surgery. There could not be a clearer difference in the two gentlemen I consulted with. 908 more words

Never skip leg day

Once a fellow, tight bodied and ripped

on his torso worked hard but legs skipped

His top half was gigantic

though a breeze made him frantic… 11 more words


And yet another one of these

Pyromaniac nympho Melinda

snagged a willing young fellow from Tinder

as she reached for the lube

candle fell on his pubes

burnt his scrotum and knob to a cinder


Psst...over here...

At winters first chill.

nipples kindly remind me

must get some coat hooks


Good Morning World.

Once a frisk young beauty called Mandy

quite insatiable always quite randy

had two fellas most days

her loins always ablaze

and toys for in between, rather handy


Aah Monday, farewell to thee

Once a chap with a craving for harlot’s

had a Julie, a Kate and a Scarlet

on whom he spend all his cash

and picked up quite a rash… 11 more words


Farewell to Sunday.

Curly haired scots lad, Mackenzie

red hair, freckles put the girls in a frenzy

Bed sweet Jane all weekend

Thursday, Friday her friend

Monday Tuesday hot Belle, rest on Wednesday