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Some of the stuff I receive is totally inappropriate. Get real, spammers and scammers, not only am I married and not looking, I will happily accept donations with the fees already deducted.


Inappropriate touching

When I was 17 and went to the Zenith hearing aid dealer downtown, the male owner (in his 60’s) insisted on fitting my hearing aid on me. 197 more words

Journey From Deafness

Beware the hunger

past it’s sell by date

nature will not be denied

well it smelled okay 8 more words


Sunday Sunday...

Once this lass met this redneck called Ted

Who she caught with his father in bed

she was not one to judge

Let alone bear a grudge… 15 more words


So I am warned by my children

ravages of time

Cantankerous curmudgeon

blood isn’t that thick 8 more words


A limerick to start off your Saturday

Kinky chap with a train Fascination

Loved the ride and the smooth Undulation

Was a wonderful perk

Should the train shake and jerk

As it aided his wild masturbation 8 more words


A case of mistaken identity perhaps

he didn’t mean to

and protests his innocence

a costly divorce 6 more words