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What doesn't belong

I have used Couchsurfing for years. Since college. Time and time again, I have found it to be an effective way to travel. It’s allowed me to develop some sweet connect with people, learn local secrets, and fill otherwise quiet evenings. 422 more words

Dear Diary,

I saw something and I can’t unsee it and it’s causing me great stress. I know my mother saw it too, because we looked at each other at the time, but I’m scared to bring it up to her now. 58 more words

I was EXTREMELY uncomfortable.

Scariest night, ever.

I was sleeping over my new friend M’s for the first time.

M and i went into her hot tub. I saw her Dad watching from inside. 98 more words

If Children Are Our Future Protect Them

Many people don’t want to address the elephant in the room. They want to tuck their heads in the sand despite the fact we see and hear about this everyday. 1,822 more words

A Limerick.

A broad shouldered lady called Brenda
Big old hands, hairy arms, legs quite slender
Wispy beard and top lip
Quite full breast, curvy hip
Size 12 feet, hard to classify gender



She watched me on the dancefloor – pop and lock,

My dance moves had her foaming at the crotch.

Her dress blotched, stained by her desire… 125 more words