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The Train Incident

After a bit of hustle, I reached the railway station on time with minutes spare to buy a bottle of non-black cold drink. I spotted my coach and headed straight to my side upper seat. 412 more words


Tideline - Penny Hancock

This was another Laundry Room find. This book was placed on the communal bookshelf during a time when there was an abundance of books on that shelf. 529 more words

Wednesday filthy limerick

Friend of mine met a lass from Bermuda

He pursued, flowers, food, woo’d and screwed her

But within ’bout a week

Realised, quite the freak, 11 more words


Depends on who's saying and doing it

Communication is essential in forming and maintaining relationships because it allows us to express ourselves. When we speak, we must be careful what we say to whom because it may be inappropriate. 438 more words



By Charles Robert Lindholm

The Clown
Verbally Stimulating Himself, 41 more words