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Aah a Wednesday limerick

Once a dentist with cravings malicious

found his knocked out patients quite delicious

he would then go to town

with his trousers pulled down

you’d come round, mouth stretched wide, unsuspicious


Hey its a Wednesday haiku for you

Filled with yuletide joy

Sleighbells and snow balls delight

have patience perhaps


Tuesday limerick goodness.

Once a chap with a nasty sore back

took some weed for pain which lead to crack

now sells ass for a high

pay, he’ll milk you quite dry… 9 more words


A warning as the season of excess approaches

Excess indulgent

and without constraint consumes

loses all control


Monday is nearly over here, still time for a limerick though.

Christmas looms very near on horizon

and the kids make their lists, things they’re prizin’

let the feeding begin

’till I grow a new chin… 7 more words


Monday. Haiku.


emerges, charade no more

looks fab in gold shorts 6 more words


Farewell sweet weekend

Once a chap with a loin stiffening craving

for large women with beards, he’d start raving

Hed explode with a splash

at a chick with a tash… 7 more words