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Suddenly he’s less concerned about inappropriate boundaries. Or something like that. He said that during today’s conversation which entertained almost my entire 90 minutes at the gym. 366 more words


Guilty as Charged!

Guilty as Charged!

Whilst there may be many endearing features and traits to my personality, equally there are many that are not so lovable. Over the years l have fallen victim to bullies, abusers and manipulators who have said in their defence that l ‘brought the worst’ out of them and that otherwise they were not that type of person. 1,387 more words


Do Not Say 'How Was Your Night?', Here's What You Should Say Instead

If this is your first time reading me this year then welcome and HAPPY NEW YEAR.

In the spirit of writing more, this is a topic I had started working on months ago and only finished a few days ago. 211 more words


Oh look a line!

Bestiality fan from Tibet

Would see kittens, break out in a sweat

She once fondled a puppy

Rubbed her boobs on a guppy

Let a couple of rats make her wet


More of the same

young fellow unsure of his sex

found the subject intense, left him vexed

was it her, it or him,

Mr, miss, sir or shim

gender pronouns really are complex