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A case of mistaken identity perhaps

he didn’t mean to

and protests his innocence

a costly divorce 6 more words


A Friday limerick.

English teacher with nasty affliction

Burns, not from fire but from friction

She stayed late after class

head teacher made a pass

So she gave him a hand with his diction 8 more words


A Weird Dude, an iPod, and a battery walk into a shop...

Weird Guy walks into the shop.

“Hi, can we help you?” My co-worker says.

“No.” Weird guy just looks out the shop windows, ear buds in. 339 more words

Oh look another limerick.

Once a baker from North Carolina

ladies said his baguette, there’s none finer

his sweet buns were divine

his iced fingers sublime

and his footlong was quite the headliner 8 more words


More inappropriate haikuesque nonsense

nail biter gagging

a lesson in hand washing

won’t forget next time


Limerick o'clock

An unfortunate chap from Rawlpindi

who found curry and rice made him windy

poppadoms made him toot

on his foul anal flute

nicknamed ‘Dasta’ quite rightly in hindi 7 more words


Another of these I think.

Evil incarnate

enjoys farting into prams

he walks among us