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That was the first thing I thought as the tiny little slip of a thing who couldn’t have been more than 5— 6 years old at the most— took her very first hip-gyrating step onto the floor in front of the line of 5-9 year-old  little girls lined up behind her.   1,730 more words


The Picture Message

“Is that a camera phone in your back pocket?” Asked my coworker Guido in the storage room at Alpson’s family restaurant. He’d startled me a bit, as he was sitting in the dim room when I had entered to get a hairnet. 1,099 more words

Short Stories

Look a haiku just for you.

Love wains, they try to

keeps it fresh in the bedroom

risky and risque 6 more words


Blind Date Confuddling


Blind Date Confuddling

It’s wrong to stick my hands there???
But they are mine and they were itchy, so there!
Nothing wrong with a good old scratch! 335 more words


Haiku for you.

As time marches on

lifes toll shows in tired eyes

bodies grow weary


New Hampshire Restaurant Forced To Take Down Sign Displaying It's Awesome Name: Pho Keene Great

I’ve never had to come up with a name on my own because I don’t have a kid or a business, but I can assume it’s a tedious process. 859 more words

Drunk White Kid Blogs

All in the Family

“Well, Becky,” the man said to Rebecca, “you’ve certainly changed since the last time I saw you. You were, I think, maybe ten of eleven at the time and a spoiled, … 271 more words

Flash Fiction