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Get well soon

On a business trip to Tanzania

chap I know came back with gonorrhoea

which he gave to his wife

now lives the single life

Oh the things that come from just one beer 10 more words


Say no to drugs.

needs to go shopping

Ate the contents of the fridge

shared it with Jesus


Morning world. Here you go...

Once a lady of grace poise and style

with a wink and caress would beguile

round her finger she wrapped

foolish men, quite entrapped

and the things she could do with a smile


Good morning, good evening and good afternoon

Once a quite splendid baker, a Brummie

lovely baps, light croissants oh so scrummy

met a girl who get wet

at his wonderous baguette

and his muffin, dear god so so yummy


Boom. Haiku.

diagnosis aids.

silver lining and all that

At least you’ve lost weight


Might I tempt you?

Till death them do part

though death comes in many forms

like the hot neighbour


Well so much for Monday.

A young fellow in Bangkok did wonder

why the ladies packed hot trouser thunder

grew up Christian, protected

so he never expected

but too late, went ahead, pleasant blunder