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Throwback Thursday!

Throwback Thursday!  Graduating from her first training class!

April 1, 2006, so she was not quite 6 months old.  <3

Toothy Tuesday

Happy Toothy Tuesday!!!

Look at those pearly whites – not too shabby for 10 years old!

10 Commandments Of Pit Bull Ownership

Pit bulls are the greatest dogs out there (not that I’m biased!).  However, there are some commandments that must be followed to responsibly own them and keep them safe. 1,862 more words

Be Your Dog's Advocate

Facebook’s “On This Day” feature can sometimes be good for a laugh when you look back and see how much you might have changed in the past few years, both in appearance and personality.   1,240 more words

Quote of the Day

Inara: Good afternoon, Captain.

Mal: Morning. We’re downing, and in case that Wash don’t kill us all, local time’s going to be in the a.m., 10 or so.

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Quote Of The Day

The Story of Inara

Inara was born in November 2011. Her birth was traumatic. Seconds after she was delivered, I noticed that she wasn’t breathing. She had aspirated amniotic fluid, and it took the respiratory team what felt like forever to get her breathing again. 480 more words


Quote of the Day

Mal: There’s a chance you might want to head back to the ship.

Inara: Oh, I’m all right. This is entertaining, actually.

Mal: Yeah? What’s entertaining?

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Quote Of The Day