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Quote of the Day

Simon: I am very smart. I went to the best medacad in Osiris, top three percent of my class, finished my internship in eight months. “Gifted” is the term.

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Quote Of The Day

Quote of the Day

InaraSo. Would you like to lecture me on the wickedness of my ways?

Book: I brought you some supper, but if you’d prefer a lecture, I’ve a few very catchy ones prepped.

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Quote Of The Day

Tassels with a D20 twist

While at the aforementioned DexCon, I signed up to watch a burlesque show. Not just any burlesque show, mind you, this was D20 Burlesque (hint: D20 is a nickname for a 20-sided die, commonly used in super geeky gaming activities). 352 more words


Father's Day Weekend

Hello everyone! Sorry for the radio silence, and happy father’s day to everyone who celebrated. I’ve had a super great weekend. Friday mom and I took Inara out for some mother-daughter photos at the park. 272 more words

Inara, v2.0

A bride wanted this Inara dress for her Firefly wedding. I love that people are doing cosplay weddings, so much fun! She asked this version be in a truer red, and preferred the corset sash option. 21 more words


Parallels in Fandom: “That’s the Last Time You Call Me a Whore.” A Feminist Look at Firefly's Companions

Firefly— Joss Whedon’s short lived, much loved sci-fi western— is a vast universe to be contained in a mere fourteen episodes. While the story was continued in the major motion picture Serenity and in the comics that followed it, the general audience still didn’t get a very good look at the inner workings of Whedon’s creation. 1,973 more words

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Translating Thoughts and Views into Action

“So, this test is to determine whether your views towards and about the environment and environmental issues correlate to your actions regarding the same. Are you ready?” 845 more words