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Quick Update

Long time no write, not by choice.  But I wanted to just give a quick update on the CatDogHorse crew.

Malcolm is still doing great.  His motor never stops running and those feet of his never stop kneading.   196 more words


Quote of the Day

Kaylee: Come on, admit it, it’s true.

Simon: No, I won’t, because it’s not. I use swear words like anybody else.

Kaylee: Oh, really? See, I never heard you.

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Quote Of The Day

Quote of the Day

Mal: So, how’s about we get to work?

Kaylee: Hey. It was your big make-out session that got us into this, sir.

Mal: I was poisoned!

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Quote Of The Day


The bonding process seems to be going well with the littles. They readily go into the bonding pouch each day, with much less crabbing at me about it. 369 more words


Family Expansion

No, I most certainly did not have another child, much as I wish I could, but we did expand the family by three this weekend!! 1,093 more words


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Quote of the Day

Inara: So, explain to me again why Zoe wasn’t in the dress?

Mal: Tactics, woman. Needed her in the back. ‘Sides, those soft cotton dresses feel kinda nice.

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