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By RistoAarneEdvardKernen

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A Spiritual Awakening

Today I’m going to speak about a recent event which I feel actually forced me into a spiritual awakening. It was a dark time and extremely scary but I feel much better because of it. 724 more words


Chapter 85: Companions with Benefits

“Hohohohoho~, Little Girl, you still haven’t told me what you desire yet! For such a magnificent feast, I’ll be sure to give you something equally valuable!” Goliath was almost forgotten by the ecstatic Priestess, who was too afraid to turn around. 1,556 more words


Chapter 84: Gaining Experience

Michael sighed dramatically, then made his Arcane Siegeblade float in the air behind him. Placing his silver gauntlet-covered hand on the top of the crying cat-girl’s head, he pulled out a slice of grapefruit from his inventory and shoved it into her mouth. 1,476 more words


Chapter 83: Boar Farming

“New Quest: You have discovered an unclaimed Natural Treant Orchard. Clear away all the Demonic Boars infesting the area and plant twenty Life-Fruit in the vicinity within three months. 1,520 more words


Chapter 82: The OP-ness Is Rising

Elina pouted and then asked “Where am I going to put these? I don’t have enough spaces in my extra-dimensional bag.” He swiftly turned two uncommon pieces of leather into a pure-white backpack that could fit the cat-girl, and handed to her. 1,359 more words


Chapter 81: The First Boss Battle

A white-robed cat-girl was screaming, while riding on the back of a massive green-furred, Quad-Tailed Nature-Fox. Inari had managed to grow to the size of a full-grown rhinoceros, which was nearly hollow inside, but still surprisingly strong. 1,438 more words