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(Re)Turn - Chapter 12

It’s just a simple gold and jewels selling interaction. It’s not like I could screw this up that badly if I put my mind into it. 3,348 more words


#68 Tried Conveyor Belt Sushi

“A good rule to remember for life is that when it comes to plastic surgery and sushi, never be attracted by a bargain” – Graham Norton…

320 more words

iPhone X Effects to Malaysian Equipment Makers

Well the biggest benefit definitely goes to Inari Amertron (INARI) but of course we are unsure how many parts would Broadcom be involved in until someone tears down the iPhone X. 296 more words


Ankimo; Pork Belly; Pork and Eggplant Stew; and Inari with Rice and Salmon Roe and Smoked Salmon (September 10, 2017)

I was traveling for work most of the last week and generally had mediocre food for lunch, especially on several days where things were just rushed.   366 more words


Utsjoki harmissaan uusien kalastusrajoitusten takia - "Tukahduttavaa"

Utsjokelaisilta on hävinnyt jopa 75% asiakkaista Inarinjoen uuden kalastussopimuksen myötä. Sopimuksen oli tarkoitus suojella Tenon lohikantoja mutta se on rajoittanut kalastusta Tenolla eri tavoin. Tähän saakka Tenon kalastusmatkailu on ollut  matkailuvalteista suurin.  324 more words


The Energy for Prayer: Formal vs Informal

The past week has been a blur. Although I didn’t have much on, I was constantly exhausted from chronic pain and it disturbed most my sleep. 1,082 more words


(Re)Turn - Chapter 11

“Hmm, I should probably go check on them.” I said while we waited for Mya to bring back the bill.

“Hmm?” Clarie looked at me confused for a moment while she held the spoon full of ice-creamy goodness to her mouth. 3,645 more words