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"Nut sack" sushi

As a kid and still as an adult, I have immaturely stuck with the nickname for inarizushi as “nut sack sushi”. My brain can’t get it out of my head because of the fried outer tofu pouch (“aburaage”). 40 more words

Art trade!

Hey there! I’m pretty excited for this post. So, Dani and I finally decided to do an art trade! YAY! She’s pretty awesome with inks and watercolors, and her shiba-inu illustrations are the most sweet, chubby and adorable dogs ever! 70 more words

Simple&Delicious: Inari Sushi

The food section has been brought to life again! Since I’m home these couple of days, my mom and I have been trying our knowledge in the kitchen, so yesterday, we made some inari sushi. 247 more words


A New History of the Inari League, Part 2 (2206 - 2220)

The naval squadron of 11 corvettes entered the Hazra system to investigate the chrystalline entities in mid October 2206.  They attacked the warships with a complex series of energy blasts, but these were no match for Inari lasers, which shattered them to pieces.   1,298 more words


Inari Sushi and Chirashi Sushi

Actually making sushi at home is not as complicated as it may seem, just avoid the nigiri that needs some more skils.

Even in Japan, most families do Inari or Chirashi when cooking at home. 181 more words