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INARI Another Record Breaking Quarter

What wasn’t said had already been said by the stock price that flies this morning. It is easy to read when quarterly reports post higher revenue and higher profit where there’s no argument to be made clear unlike the… 111 more words


Fushimi Inari Taisha

おはようございます! Of all the beautiful places we saw, the shrine Fushimi Inari Taisha was our absolute favourite. It’s just 10 minutes from Kyoto Station, so on our last day we dropped off our luggage at some lockers, hopped on the train, and explored this magical place before we returned to Tatebayashi and everyday life. 454 more words


Nijo, Nishiki and Fushimi

Cherry blossom hunting, that’s what I have been doing since we got to Japan. I didn’t want our Beijing experience to happen again, and be the butt of Fil’s jokes. 571 more words

Logs / Diary

Inari, the Fox Shrine

Search online for Japan, scroll for a bit and you’ll come across photos of Inari shrine. Torii gates may be common across the country at religious sites, but on the Inari Mountain trail thousands of tourists take millions of photos of the ascent lined by these bright red arches. 490 more words


Pielpajärvi wilderness church

Our last story was about the Utsjoki church huts. Lets stay on the same subject  but go a bit south from Utsjoki to the town of Inari. 347 more words

Spending Time

A trio of T-Shirts*

*Plus some further adventures in fabric painting.

So I have been really struggling to get photos taken lately. Firstly we have been super busy and available daylight hours have been taken up with other things, the camera was out of commission, the weather was bad… you know, the normal reasons. 737 more words


Follow Up on Inari & The iPhone Saga

It’s pretty obvious that you can see RM 2.83 is the highest and it looses momentum just around that price. RM 2.82 is the clear resistance that we are facing and requires something like above average iPhone X sales just to push it a little further. 168 more words