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Nishinomiya Inari Shrine, Tokyo, Japan

This is my favorite Kami’s shrine on the grounds of Senso-ji. This is also the first Inari shrine I ever visited in Japan.


A Very Opinionated Anime Review: Inari, Kon Kon, Koi Ihara

This anime was actually introduced to me by my Shinto teacher on day one of the class, because the show takes place at a shrine that is very close to where I am staying which I visited in the first week I was in Japan (it’s a super famous shrine). 1,283 more words



Heavenly footpaths.
At knee height
explosion of peonies.

poem by Rachel McAlpine CC BY, photo of Inari Shrine by jpeligen CC BY-NC-SA

Phone Poems

Review Novel Purple Eyes by Prisca Primasari

“Pemuda itu masih hidup dan gadis itu sudah mati”

Ivarr Amundsen kehilangan kemampuannya untuk merasa. Orang yang sangat dia sayangi meninggal dengan cara yang keji dan dia memilih untuk tidak merasakan apa-apa lagi, menjadi seperti sebongkah patung lilin. 374 more words

Ruang Baca

HCOP Book 2, Chapter 85: The Abysmal Pit

Originally, the people who were forced to struggle to survive in the village below, would sacrifice a young virgin girl every month. The High-Priest would cut her heart out and after that, a blinding light would shine down from the ‘Heavens’, protecting them for a period of time. 1,445 more words


HCOP Book 2,Chapter 84: Uncontrollable

“No, absolutely not! With your outrageous temperament, any battle will likely transform into a genocide!” Talia put away her sword and removed the bow from her inventory. 1,382 more words


My Path - Revised

Hello all, I hope you are doing well! I felt like I needed to make a new entry regarding my spiritual path. Although I am a Shintoist and Shinto forms a great deal of my belief system, I have always identified as an eclectic pagan. 1,754 more words