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The Signs of the Underground

Signs of the kami can appear literally anywhere; in our dreams, in our homes, out and about, even in the London Underground. Yes, you read that right. 686 more words


How to Make Simple Votive Bibs (涎掛け)

Today I am going to show you how I make simple votive bibs (涎掛け) for my kitsune (fox) messenger statues! These are not essential by any means but I do think that the spirits appreciate them, and they look pretty! 861 more words


Split Hi-Low Hem Tutorial

I`m not the person, who makes resolutions on the beginning of a new year. This year I made one. Sewing related of course. I stopped buying clothes more than 2 years ago. 430 more words

Destination of the Week: Fushimi Inari Shrine

When you learn about Japan, you may see this as one of the country’s “trademark” images…. a seemingly endless stretch of bright red and orange gates going down a path and through the mountains. 491 more words


A Reminder From Inari-Okami

Hey everyone, it’s been a while! I’m sorry for the lack of posts here and I hope everyone had a great holiday period and Lunar New Year! 763 more words


What is Inari up to?

This is just some off-the-cuff musing here… I’ve noticed that among Western followers of Shinto or hybrid Shinto-paganism (example), Inari seems to be the most popular “patron” deity. 720 more words


The Little Dress That Could - Inari Tee Dress for Jungle January

This project shouldn’t have worked.

Despite initially being excited to start the Named Inari Tee Dress for my Jungle January entry, I was convinced throughout cutting and sewing that I had made the wrong decision. 899 more words