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Lapland - Jäniskoski


Jäniskoski is rapids at river Juutua in Inari.  There is a walking trail from the village and a place to make a fire for instance to cook some coffee.


Lapland - ice fishing


A very popular hobby in Finland.  Sometimes risky too, every year some fishermen get drowned.


Do we embody our gods?

When considering the relationship we have with our deities, I’ve been wondering to what extent we embody the deities we follow.

Many Pagans have a Pantheistic outlook, and they would say that the whole of the universe, including ourselves, can itself be understood as a deity, so of course we embody them. 435 more words


The Farm. Feels like home.

I’ve been living on the farm for more than three weeks now. It’s been a lot of hard work, tiring and taxing on my body, and there has been an incredible amount of fun experiences. 973 more words

Kyoto - Land of Gorgeous Scenery and Delicious Food

Fellow readers, friends, and family it has been a long time, has it not? Sorry, it seems the procrastination hit me hard the past month, but now I am back and ready for more blog update. 1,441 more words

Japan: complex, mysterious and isolated

By Jean and Peter Richards

Japan surprised and grew on us.

We were surprised to learn that a country with such global reach could still be so insular and homogeneous. 1,443 more words