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Lammas Moot with Medway Pagans 2015 (My first group ritual!)

Last night, I had the honour of leading my first ever group ritual for Lammas/Lughnasadh with Medway Pagans. It was such a hugely significant event for me and I’m so glad I did it! 1,339 more words

Rituals & Festivals

Chapter 15: You Are What You Eat

Michael snickered as he asked himself “I wonder if this counts as me giving her the mana-core? It would be interesting if she became my Companion, assuming that she survives, heh. 1,575 more words


Festivals: Tamatsukuri Inari & Gion Maturi

On July 15th I attended Tamatsukuri Inari shrine summer festival (my local shrine) and the following day in pre-tyhoon weather went to Gion Matsuri in Kyoto. 280 more words


Chapter 11: Noob-Quest

It was still the middle of the day when Michael arrived at the outskirts of “Ariel’s Meadow.” Between himself and Inari, they were able to kill the white-rabbits surprisingly fast, and within an hour, the adorable fox finally ate the fourteenth level-one, rank-G mana-core. 1,383 more words


Animals | Flying for food

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By RistoAarneEdvardKernen

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Chapter 10: It's a Hardcore World

Forming bonds with animals, by feeding them mana-cores, was a fairly common practice. Typically, it would require a ‘Beast Tamer’ class first, and if the person’s companion died, they wouldn’t be able to sacrifice their own health to revive it. 1,335 more words