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Mapping Biodiversity data on smaller than one degree scale

Guest Post by Enjie (Jane) LI

I have been using bdvis package (version 0.2.9) to visualize the iNaturalist records of RAScals project (http://www.inaturalist.org/projects/rascals) 496 more words


You can be a citizen scientist today!

Become a citizen scientist by recording your observations of any living thing!  Help us document the biodiversity of Hawaiʻi!  Download the FREE App Today and Get Started!

The Los Angeles Natural History Museum Snail Blitz

The winter rains have arrived in Southern California, bringing with it clean skies and green hillsides.  The welcome water nourishes our parched plants and cleans the grey dirt of city life off their leaves. 327 more words

Landscape Architecture

The Rule of Names

In Ursula Le Guin’s Earthsea stories, knowing a person or animal or object’s “true name” gives a wizard power over him or her or it. 813 more words


Citizen Science: Become a Backyard Naturalist

We heard the hawk before we saw it. On the corner railing of our back deck, perched a red-shouldered hawk. But as I snapped photos through our kitchen window, I had yet to learn of the red-shouldered variety of hawk. 766 more words

Trail Notes

Guilford Courthouse BioBlitz!

Bugs, birds, plants, oh my! BioBlitz!

For National Public Lands Day, I hosted an official NPS iNaturalist BioBlitz with Greensboro high school students, North Carolina A&T University college students, and members of the Piedmont Bird Club. 702 more words