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Reagan 50th Inaugural Gala

The Fiftieth American Presidential Inaugural Gala  January 19th, 1985. Here is a beautiful 1985 Limited Edition Inaugural Poster that has been signed by Ronald Reagan and George Bush. 111 more words


The letter Barack Obama would leave in the Oval Office for president Donald Trump

Being a gracious politician has always been difficult, but particularly so in this election cycle, where no topic, email, or bro-out with Billy Bush is off limits. 523 more words

What to Expect in the Next Six Months

In this current political process, we must understand the “end-game” in order to discern properly what is happening and how to prepare. This national election, and everything it stands for, is critical for believers to engage in if we are to see God’s purposes accomplished and His heart revealed. 1,027 more words

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The Lord has been showing me things about Donald Trump lately. Today He led me to this post written back in August; although I don't agree fully with what is expressed in the first four paragraphs, I discern that what is described in the meat of the article about the US presidential election and inauguration is spot on, and important for Christians to read now (starting with the numbered items through the end). Know the importance of our prayers (including communications being unhindered) and of truly hearing the Lord / discerning His voice. You may also want to read the long comment from "Phil" dated Aug. 22 following the original post. Praise God for working through jars of clay so that it may be obvious to all that the power and glory are His!

G. W. Bush Large Platter

Inauguration of the President of the United States George W. Bush. Presidential commemorative serving platter commissioned by the Harris County Republican Party.
Handmade cast aluminum. Oven safe. 13 more words

President Bush

For $45,000 You Can Attend the Presidential Inauguration in Style

Come January 2017, we’ll be under the purview of a new President, and whether you lean left or right, the four days of inauguration proceedings are sure to be a historic moment in our country’s history. 236 more words

Hillary Clinton

Route Africa is Here: Brief Details on Our Inauguration Holding on 29th September, 2016

Programme of Events for Route Africa’s Inauguration

Route Africa holds her inauguration/fundraiser tomorrow. It promises to be a special, exciting, event, aimed at letting the world know who we are, and what we’re about. 19 more words

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