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Austerity Measures and other poems by Addison Bale

without for an abscess

conversations after ellipses

a side-long glance flouting its prolonged piss burn

a bashing spring leaves a cortisone subscription
opportunistically / a travel guide. 321 more words


Inauguration Day For New Members Of The Dallas City Council

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – It’s official – the City of Dallas has a new city council. While some familiar faces are returning to seats, there are now four new ones on the panel. 171 more words


“And here is – it’s young…it will grow of course. It may expand into other forms, but I confidently believe that out of all the hundreds and hundreds and ultimately thousands of students who come out this college you will find, or expect to find, very few who have not acknowledged the debt that they owe to those who had enough wisdom, and enough faith in God to establish this College”

What's Trending: Everybody Favorite 9o's Alcoholic Beverage Is Making A Comeback!

Did you ever drink Zima?

Remember the fruity taste it had?

Well, even though it’s been gone for a long time now, it’s about to make a comeback! 98 more words


Fear & Loathing in Washington D.C. (Trump's Inauguration trip 2017)

D.C./Virginia trip

Jan 17th

I was very worried as of 4:00 AM, when I woke up with a very high fever and the inability to lie down without feeling intense waves of nausea. 5,707 more words

The Inauguration.

Hello there everyone! I welcome you to this platform where I will be sharing a few things that have been deposited in me.

My name is Dennis Munene. 300 more words


Inauguration de notre nouvelle agence

A quoi sert l’inauguration ?

Les personnes présentent à l’évènement, c’est-à-dire, les clients, les professionnels et les partenaires pourront se rencontrer. Le but est également de se faire connaître avec le système du bouche à oreille mais surtout d’être plus proches de notre public. 217 more words