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Inbound Marketing & How It Works?

Being a modern day marketer, it is important to know what Inbound Marketing is. The term Inbound Marketing was coined a few years ago and is relatively new. 824 more words

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Inbound Marketing in a Nutshell

Inbound marketing, as the name suggest is an inbound way of promoting your business. This means that rather than you going after the customers, you build your online presence in such a way that… 122 more words

Inbound Marketing

Content marketing is a must-learn art for all modern marketers

Whether you are a leading corporation facing intense competition, a mom or even an ordinary restaurant, digital marketing has for quite some time now been the key method to find new business areas. 986 more words


Marketing To Millennials

As a marketer, it is important to reach your targeted audience. As the largest living generation, it is important to make the appropriate shift in your marketing techniques to ensure you are reaching this generation of consumers. 349 more words

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We Just Met, But I've Already Fallen in Love with Inbound Marketing (Day 36)

Advertising has earned a bad reputation after years of forcing itself upon unsuspecting victims. It has interrupted your daily life through cheesy TV and radio commercials, cold calls, obnoxious billboards, door-to-door salesmen, walls cluttered with fliers, and online pop-up ads. 1,040 more words

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Finding Sure Clients Vs Sure Clients Finding You

Finding clients can be the most frustrating stage in marketing. I myself have experienced this in one of my past works as a marketer/sales executive for an aviation service company. 863 more words

Inbound Marketing