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The Inbound Methodology

So today I started my classes to become Inbound Certified through HubSpot Academy. The first session, “Essentials of an Effective Inbound Strategy”, went over the difference between traditional “interruption” marketing and “empowering” inbound marketing. 221 more words

Skype; the delightfully unexpected Marketing Channel

The creative marketing abilities available through Skype are truly endless. This assignment breaks down the physical features of Skype and builds its perception as a Marketing Channel through its variety of features and inspiring examples that others have discovered and taken full advantage of. 1,148 more words

Grad Class

The Ten Second World

We are now living in a world where if you fail to hold my attention for ten seconds (or less?), I am going to press my remote’s button to go somewhere else. 284 more words

Branding And Communication

Social media cheat sheet: Best times to post content on each platform

The end goal of leveraging social media for your brand is getting the audience to be so delighted, they take action. Depending on the goals of your brand, the action may vary. 700 more words

Inbound Marketing

Long Articles or Short Tweets? 5 Ways Short and Long Copy Can Compliment Each Other

A debate that raged in places where I worked continues and evolves. Short articles and short videos are the popular choice for the short attention span generation. 497 more words

Public Relations

Email Marketing: Opt in or Lose out!

Last week I said that content marketing without a blog was a bit like trying to imagine Wimbledon without that bowl of strawberries and cream. 851 more words

How To

PERSONA (PART 2) : Who are Your Persona?

So you understand the concept of web persona and are now ready to develop those of your blog. To do this, you need to identify a research methodology that will allow you to identify consumption habits and own procurement process to each of your personas. 1,505 more words