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3 Types of Content to Kickstart your Content Marketing Efforts

There’s never been a more exciting time to be a small business owner. There are so many avenues available for you to market and grow your business. 382 more words


Adam Boalt on call centers and business tips

In this “3-minute Documentary” at Mashable Social Media Day 2015, Ville Ailio has a word with serial entrepreneur Adam Boalt, founder of digital marketing agency BOALT, as well as LiveAnswer, Inc. 153 more words

The Empowered Consumer and The Empathetic Brand

The emergence of the “Empowered Consumer” has necessitated a shift from product-centric marketing to customer-centric marketing. It is this new breed of consumer that has driven the development of inbound marketing practices and marketing automation technology. 676 more words

Digital Marketing

Self-Promotion, Platform and Online Presence: a crass, aggravating, infuriating necessary evil

I know a guy who’s writing a book. His career goal is to be a speaker at this type of thing. He is already a subject matter expert with an advanced degree that starts with a P and ends with a D, and he has a solid, healthy career with a reliable customer base. 862 more words


Jay Berkowitz on basics of Online Marketing

In this “3-minute documentary” we get a glimpse of good practices for marketing your business and/or content online. What’s your Personal Digital Superpower? How to share it? 203 more words

Website, schmebsite, I'll just use Facebook

In today’s social media driven space many local business owners are trying to work around the idea of having a website. I get it, I think. 642 more words