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Engage -- My article in DOCUMENT

Extremely happy to have had an article published in DOCUMENT (the first of 4 for this year). Focused on what to focus on when you’re trying to determine engagement in content marketing efforts, it has a few tips (I hope) that’ll get you thinking about metrics that are important versus those that just feel good.

I’m on page 16. Enjoy.

Content Marketing

Letting Your Customers Come to You...

I’m pretty sure most of us hate when we head to a website only to be stopped for 15 seconds by some lame advertisement we aren’t interested in seeing before we can get to our desired content. 899 more words

Digital Marketing

Inbound Marketing: Because no one wants to be Interrupted

Three weeks ago I was flying home from Edmonton. I had just finished teaching a two day class for my company and now I was heading back to enjoy what was left of my Spring Break. 776 more words


The Revolutionary Way of Marketing

If you didn’t already guess, inbound marketing is a revolutionary way of marketing!
Marketo, a company who makes marketing automation software for companies, defines inbound marketing as “The process of helping potential customers find your company, often before they are even looking to make a purchase, and then turning that early awareness into brand preference and, ultimately, into leads and revenue”. 954 more words


Inbound Marketing: Marketo and HubSpot

Nowadays some form of technology is constantly around us which in return means that information is available to us at anytime. Instead of going into a store and having to speak with a physical human being most consumers do majority of their research online when it comes to purchasing decisions. 1,046 more words

Marketing Commute: Inbound and Outbound Traffic

It is now a given that every Freelance consultant and business owner will develop an inbound marketing strategy that will support sales and diminish the need for cold calling, which is getting increasingly difficult to do successfully in the face of the wall that prospects are able to build around themselves. 646 more words


Learn how to optimize your website and get your free Inbound Marketing certification

Do you have the Inbound Marketing certification?

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If not, all you need is to click here and watch 11 video classes for free (really cool material) and then take an online test after that. 31 more words

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