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Prince Philip: Is this the sickest man in the UK?

Prince Philip: Is this the sickest man in the UK?.


November 14, 2012

Respectful: Britain’s Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh visits the Field of Remembrance in the grounds of Westminster Abbey in central London on Thursday. 2,955 more words

Political Science

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After reading the following article, it occurred to me that we should not be surprised at our monstrously insane government in Merica, since, after all, it is just another bastard child of the English monarchy and Zionist banking cartel! If you think Hitler was a self made man, then this article will be the start of your awakening to the awful, real-historical truth!

Lifes competition

I suppose i’m feeling quite aggressively people who think life is one big competition, is it really necessary? In fact it just shows how childish people are. 462 more words

My Journal

Wrong Turn (2003)

First published by Movie Gazette (link lost)

While Arabs and the French are, for obvious political reasons, current figures of hate in the US, in general the Hollywood of today tries hard to be kind to different ethnic groups, handling with care its representation of African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans and Inuit – even the British only ever play lovable rogues (or butlers, or gay men) these days. 417 more words

FrightFest 2011 Diary: Day 5

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Diary Day 5 – Monday, 27th August 

The last day of this year’s FrightFest was supposed to open with Ian Clark’s experimental drug freakout… 1,656 more words

This Is How I Write When I Am Tired And Angry

Saw two things trending on my Facebook tonight that really set me off on a day where I had less than five hours of sleep and people had attitudes with me all day. 298 more words



the results are weak
when each one at the table
is like the other


Inbred (2011)

I was pretty excited to watch Inbred because it combines my favourite things – horror, comedy and British accents. Set in Yorkshire, England, the story centres around a group of young offenders who are on a team bonding weekend with their care workers. 563 more words