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A controversial topic.

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The more I am involved in showing the more it horrifies me, as I knew it would. 585 more words


Obituaries And Opportunities

Sitting at the kitchen table one day near the end of Gill’s visit, we turned to the topic of our pets — specifically, birds we have had over the years. 764 more words


Our Future Overlords? Part I

There has been a widely publicized Muslim invasion of the West, in particular of Western Europe, who have brought with them some of their culture and social customs. 1,487 more words


Polygamy and Mormon Church Leaders Franklin Dewey Richards

Franklin Dewey Richards

April 2, 1821 – December 9, 1899

“Except for a six-and-one-half-year gap, men of the Richards family have served as General Authorities continuously from 1840 to the present.” – D.

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False Doctrines Of Mormonism

Quotes from Kabloona (Also, Moby Dick)

I finished Moby Dick. It was actually very good–a pleasant surprise. I don’t really know why I was surprised; after all, Moby Dick is commonly ranked as one of the best books of all time. 1,900 more words

Human Migration, Cultures, And Species Of Exit

IQ, Inbreeding and Clannishness

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The effects of inbreeding have an effect on IQ, as well as the amount of clannishness that lead to more inter-group violence.

According to one of my favorite researchers, Linda Gottfredson, in… 1,321 more words


The Brain and Dementia


The ability to change is up to the individual.  An important thing is the possibility that iniquity might be possession – a sense of imminence over humans and part of the great mastermind of mayhem and misery.   535 more words