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This shit is no myth....

So this is on teespring…


The description says it’s a “myth”.

Monkey Mountain is no myth. I rode the bus with those people. It is a cul-de-sac on a hill in the middle of the Ozarks. 328 more words


New paper in PNAS

Martin’s paper on chemical fingerprints in Antarctic fur seals has been published in PNAS. You can read it here 

Fur Seal

Kosher versus Halal certification - proof that Muslims are inbred

For centuries Jewish people have been intelligent enough to know that olives and cereals and a whole range of non animal foods do not come from pigs. 106 more words


Life Isn't Always Fair

My friend John Howell challenged me to write about my first dog, something I’ve been reluctant to do. But, armed with a fresh box of Kleenex, I shall give it a go in hopes enough time has elapsed to do it justice…. 438 more words


Dear South...Stop Being Proud Of The Bad Parts Of Your Heritage

I was scrolling through my Google+ today and came across this wonderful photo.

Amen.  Those of you going around defending the Confederate flag because it is a part of your heritage are in some very serious denial.   172 more words



“in Saudi arabia every step we took was infused with concepts of purity and sinning and with fear.  Wishful thinking about peaceful tolerance of Islam cannot interpret away this reality.” 138 more words

If Rick Perry Becomes President...

If Rick Perry becomes President of the United States, the likelihood is high that I am going to defect to Canada.  As much as I love my country and especially my state of Iowa, I will have to leave if he is in charge.   209 more words