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Inbreeding Trial #2: Trio or Quad?


When they’re first starting out, the advice many new breeders get is to start with a trio (one buck, two does) or quad (two bucks, two does). 517 more words


Inbreeding Trial #1


A perennial debate in every rabbit group is linebreeding vs inbreeding. A claim frequently thrown around is that either parent-offspring inbreeding is “tighter”, or sibling-sibling inbreeding is tighter. 372 more words


How many ancestors do you have?

Many of us are interested in where our families come from as well as who our ancestors were. What and where are our ‘roots’? Some of you might even have researched your genealogy or family history. 6,867 more words


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by Nicolai Sennels (@NicolaiSennels)
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There is a dire phenomenon rising in Europe that is crippling entire societies and yet the continent sleeps, refusing not only to confront the destructive elephant in the room, but also to admit its very existence. 109 more words


What We're Reading: July 1, 2016

Inbreeding Shortens Female Life-Span
A new paper (open) investigated how life span differs between male and female fruit flies if they belonged to an inbred or normal population.   206 more words

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Definitive Guide to Inbreeding

Brief Overview

When I first started learning about everything that goes into breeding, I was pretty confused by inbreeding and dosage.

I knew that inbreeding was important, but that was about it. 708 more words