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Only 3 gray wolves left on Isle Royale, scientists fear they won't survive

The presence of gray wolves at Isle Royale National Park could come to an end soon, with a recent census finding only three remain.

The… 252 more words


A Question

Why are we letting Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee make any laws on marriage equality when all of them allow first cousin marriage and inbreeding? There are other states that allow cousin marriage, and they have not been stupid enough to stand in the way of marriage equality. 154 more words

Introduction to genetics in goats 2

Pure breeds, true breeds, inbreeding and pedigrees

Pure breed:

There is a natural selection among animals in the wild. And there is an artificial selection by humans to breed for desired traits. 262 more words

Breeding Goats

Milkman hit with world's largest ever paternity suit

The village’s long serving Dairy Produce deliverer Jock the Milkman was last night served with what many are saying is the world’s largest ever paternity claim, and it is possible that someone exists on the planet with more active sperm than local car fixer and dad of 56, Pike Hidgley. 672 more words


This Is Why SeaWorld Should Close

How does it make sense to keep an animal that belongs in the ocean in a pool when the ocean is literally blocks away? No wonder the orcas are going crazy.   45 more words


Inbreeding in apologetics

It is important in thinking that I periodically challenge my thought processes with people who disagree with them. I’ve often said it is important to know what you believe, but it is imperative to know why you believe. 342 more words


Incest & the Bible

Be forewarned: this is probably the most controversial subject I have ever written about on this blog!

I recently read an article that took issue with the Bible because if we all came from one man & one woman (Adam & Eve), then our race would be the result of inbreeding or incest.  522 more words