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Hapsburg Demise

One Of Europe’s Most Powerful Dynasties Was Destroyed By Inbreeding

The House of Hapsburg was one of the most influential families in history. They ruled the throne of Holy Roman Empire for 300 years continuously between 1438 and 1740. 382 more words

A theory on making genetic Lemonade...

This week I want to talk about something very important. Which is the perfection that is Beyoncé’s Lemonade Film. The film mind you! Yes, the album is great, but the film is where it’s at, trust me. 1,001 more words


Program Budidaya Kelinci Netherland Dwarf

Membudiyakan kelinci netherland dwarf memerlukan ketegasan dalam culling. Seleksi keturunan yang mendekati standard. Jika tidak ingin memiliki pinched hindquarters jangan diteruskan untuk breeding. Breeding terbaik adalah gabungan program linebreeding, inbreeding dan outcrossing. 71 more words


Inbreeding Has Even More Benefits Than Previously Imagined

High Point, NC (SP) — It isn’t just about convenience anymore.  “Sleeping with your sibling can do more than strengthen your family relationships.  It can also empower you to push through the arbitrary constraints of social convention while reducing stress by lowering your expectations,” says Helga Huffnpuffer, MD, a psychiatrist and clinical professor of Far Right Breeding Habits at Freedum University.  

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Tastes Like Chicken

My Ranger for the day experience

Hello again!

I hope you are all well! … Good. Now let’s get back to me.

I celebrated my 22nd Birthday the other week! I had a lovely week at home, and I am definitely feeling very spoilt and full of yummy birthday/Easter treats. 1,275 more words

Evolutionary Reasons for Suicide Bombings

With all of these suicide bombings in the news recently, I figured I’d talk about some evolutionary reasons for suicide bombings. While reading JP Rushton’s paper Ethnic nationalism, evolutionary psychology and Genetic Similarity Theory, I came across a small part of the paper where he talks about evolutionary reasons for suicide bombings: mainly that it […] 7 more words