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What We're Reading- Feb 17, 2017

Endangered Populations Growing in Size But Still at Risk
The Little Spotted Kiwi (Apteryx owenii) is a near threatened bird species that once inhabited forests throughout New Zealand, but is now constricted to near shore islands devoid of introduced predators.   312 more words


Man's Best Friend or Lab Experiment: Love a Mongrel & Stand up for Canine Health & Diversity

I love my girls, even though they outweigh what I was told their adult weight would be by about forty pounds. It turned out the Miniature Pinscher-Chihuahua mix was on their mom’s side only, and she turned out to be a bit of a tramp. 494 more words

Reed On

My Take: Haggard and Rancid Looking Black Witch Offers $4 to Blow the Domes. The WORST That Money Can Buy!!!

First, here’s the disgusting video in question.

Notice how absolutely disheveled this woman looked. She had seemingly no hair and looked like a skeletal man. This is typically how black women look when thin due to their features, thus why the majority are not desired by men even  when they’re NOT fat. 490 more words

Race Mixing

cost of inbreeding

…From ancient Egyptians who were married to their brothers and sisters to the infamous Habsburgs who developed jaw deformations, these royal families were eventually pushed out of power because of their rampant inbreeding…

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Happy 134th Birthday to Martin Van Buren!

Today marks the birthday of our 8th president, Martin Van Buren. This morning I couldn’t have told you one fact about him. But now I’ve learned several! 211 more words


High Court Voids 1975 EU-Join Referendum UK

In a land mark if insober verdict the irrelevant and illiterate High Court usurps the power of the elected government to hold direct democracy referendum, as enacted by the British Parliament. 36 more words

For me it’s hard to top a mutt

I don’t mean this as a slap toward people with purebred dogs. I’ve just never had a reason to possess one. I have great admiration for the skills these pedigreed canines can acquire and demonstrate. 520 more words