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Muslim Inbreeding

Up to half of all Muslims are “inbred.” Shocked? You should be. Nevertheless, it is “true.”

How is that “possible,” and why is it so… 1,235 more words


What We're Reading- April 28, 2017

Next-Generation Microsatellites
What if conservation’s favorite marker (the microsatellite) could be sequenced and genotyped from next-generation data?  This paper (sub) is the latest showing that possibility and specifically introduces a genotyping and phasing tool: … 298 more words

Friday Link Dump

Retarded ISIS Truckers Deliver Peace to Your Door

Fifty generations of divinely encouraged Muslim incest has created a raft of retarded Jihadi truck drivers, too dumb to use firearms, who favor Islamic Frogger over the traditional cargo of explosives. 2,236 more words


Pedigrees, inbreeding, and disease.

A nice article highlighting the issues with pedigree dogs, the show world, and congenital disorders.



IST ULisboa - DEI - Associate professor job opening

Being a school of excellency is what every university aims for. However, the meaning of such aim depends on the beholder.

Recently, the Computer Science and Engineering department ( 298 more words

CRISPR for Conservation

I’ve got this feeling that CRISPR is the next PCR.  Have you ever met someone who was an early adopter of PCR?  No, I mean an… 1,179 more words