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#potd: The Human Rock of Colca Canyon Peru

So looking through the pics of our Colca Canyon visit, we came across this cool pic of a giant human figure sitting on the mountainside just below the Mirador del Condor in Colca Canyon… 278 more words


The Paracas Skulls: What Are They?

A few days ago Ancient Origins (see link below for story) published an article about a mummified skull of a newborn having been discovered in Peru and that this skull is unusual because it is elongated. 1,480 more words


Winter Blog Post #1: Hierarchy and Corruption

       At its core, society and it’s power dynamics are mainly influenced by one thing: money. The more money that someone has, the more power they can wield in the hierarchy of that society/empire. 796 more words

The Tragedy of Progress

I have always had a fascination for stories. I loved reading myths and legends when I was a child. So when my class did a very brief unit on the Spanish conquest in grade school, the first thing I did after class that day was to go to the library and look up more information. 345 more words

Empires And Its Ruins

Eternal Colonization

In the recent lectures we have been learning about how the Inca empire worked and then ultimately fell to the hands of the Spanish. In fact, I learned that it was not only disease that helped the Spanish win, but also that the Inca themselves were in the middle of a civil war. 335 more words