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Day 36 - The Sacred Valley

First stop was Christo Blanco. The views over Cusco were far more impressive, especially having seen Christ the Redeemer in Brazil. You could see for miles and really take in the beautiful square where we had been walking yesterday. 520 more words

Inca Secret Blend Crystals Lonsdale

I got this cigar from a cigar distributer that asked me for my opinion so he can decide weather to carry these cigars or not. So I went online to learn something about the brand as I never heard of them. 524 more words


The Inca Trail

Mammoth post alert – sorry once again about the delay, this has taken me a while to write! This blog is much as a diary for me to remember the best parts of my trip as much as it is to keep friends and family up to date, so I apologise if it is rambly at times!! 2,927 more words

South America

Peru Trip: Sacred Valley Pt 2

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Its everyone’s favorite time of week as Sharp is sitting down to write a 2000 word rambley mess like he always does. 1,118 more words

Worst Day Ever

Day 26 - Salt Flats Part 2

Another beautiful day on the salt flats. Today we got up and went to Isla Incahuasi aka (according to me anyway) cactus island!

When the cactus gets “old” it goes white at the top like us going grey! 157 more words