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Easy steezy – Loco Inca 10ft x 29” x 142L review

Loco’s Inca continues the North East brand’s trend of a high performance paddle surfing line up. The Inca is Loco’s nose riding vehicle and comes looking super sexy with wood reveal, South American inspired graphics and sleek wood core fins – all great aesthetics. 425 more words


Human Sacrifice Among the Inca

The Inca had a different way of going about sacrifices than many other cultures. First of all, the Inca rarely, if ever, sacrificed prisoners, or even adults in general. 300 more words


Ingapirca - 在厄瓜多初識印加遺跡

Ingapirca 是厄瓜多最大的印加遺跡, 位在 Cañar 省, 距離南部的第三大城昆卡 Cuenca 約2.5 小時車程, 我們待在昆卡總共3個整天, 撥了其中一天來這裡參觀。一路上是一片又一片的綠色山丘, 不時點綴著幾間房子、乳牛和綿羊,以及在玉米田工作的居民。老舊的公車緩慢爬升到海拔3000 m, 排氣管定時的發出砰砰的爆裂聲, 當地居民陸續在半路下車, 最後一站來到這個遺跡旁的小村落, 車上幾乎只剩下我們這些外國遊客們, 下車後往上爬一段距離才到遊客中心, 路上沒看到幾個人影讓我有點擔心待會兒午餐的著落。櫃檯的年輕小姐用西班牙文說: “門票一人2美金, 你們要英文還是西班牙語導遊?” 我們還以為聽錯了, 2塊美金竟然包含門票和導遊!

天空下起了毛毛雨, 我們帶上帽子開始了這趟歷史之旅。今天的英文導遊 Angel 是一個矮小帶著巴拿馬帽的中年男子, 操著一口比預期中流利的英文。還沒開始介紹遺跡, 倒是先帶我們到一棵植物下, 告訴我們這個厄瓜多到處可見的美麗花朵所擁有的致命果實。一些當地的惡人會採下果實, 將裡面的花粉做成白色的粉末, 任何人的手指只要輕輕一碰, 就會立即失去意識。導遊的一個朋友就在幾周前遇上了這可怕的粉末, 就在他剛提完錢準備去買車時, 遇上一個陌生人拿著一個紙條問路, 朋友才剛碰這個紙條, 下一秒就已經躺在醫院, 錢也不翼而飛。 28 more words

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Inca - Prologue and First Chapter

As I mentioned earlier in the week, I expect there’s going to be a spike in traffic to this blog in the coming days. A friend recommended I should put up sample chapters of my novels. 13,945 more words

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Day 8- it's amazing what you see as the fog lifts

Well as you probably guessed from my last post, after our initial 2 1/2 hour tour of the site covered in fog, we were lucky enough to see the fog lift and we decided to go back in and retake photos (without the fog hiding everything). 411 more words


If Montezuma had an Instagram Account

If Montezuma had an Instagram account, what would he say when Cortez arrived in 1519? My fourth graders have some ideas. We are finishing our study of the conquests of the Inca and Aztec empires and have been reading about Cortez, Pizarro and the events that took place in the 1500s when the Spanish arrived in Mexico and Peru. 378 more words

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The Sacred Valley of the Incas

Saturday, February 4, 2017

We actually had a couple of days at home before heading out again, south this time, for a South American cruise with Crystal, preceded by a visit to Machu Picchu in Peru. 1,389 more words

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