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Adventures in Music - No. 3

Hello and welcome to my latest round-up of the tracks and artists that have floated my musical boat this week.

So without further ado we’ll start off in London Town, whose streets are paved with, if not quite gold, then certainly a fair few talented music makers. 474 more words

New Music

Well Salkantay trek-walk to civilisation, Day 4

An early 5.30 start, we began day 4 with our last cooked breakfast by our porters. Our super chef, Mario, had been up early to cook us lunch for the road, delicious eggs and fruit for breakfast, and then came an amazing surprise. 1,072 more words


Machu Picchu: a paradise in the clouds

We decided to tackle the infamous Machu Picchu as part of a longer trail – the four-day Salkantay trek, which is a popular, challenging and beautiful alternative to the Inca Trail. 763 more words


#TravelTuesday: Machu Picchu's Stairway to Heaven

When it comes to terrifying treks, there’s one place where the dizzying heights, creeping altitude sickness, and treacherous pathways all combine to create an experience so harrowing that the destination would have to be one heck of a sight – Machu Picchu. 481 more words

Machu Picchu, Cusco, Peru

The Lost City of Machu Picchu, meaning “Old Peak”, stands at 2,430 metres above sea-level, in the middle of a tropical mountain forest. This mysterious Incan site has been listed as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 22 more words


The Inca Trail: A Brief.

I write this post straight from my memory bank, filled with priceless funds from my journey to southern Peru in November 2014. I was lucky enough to be able walk the Inca Trail with my family and a fantastic bunch of people, from all over the world. 697 more words


Desert Mummies of Peru

When many people think of Peru, they think of the jungle or Machu Picchu, which is what I knew before I travelled there.

Now having been there, when I think of Peru, I think of the vast and incredible desert, enormous sand dunes and crystal clear skies.   164 more words