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Sweet Sucre

Sweet because of the number of sweet treats around this very relaxed town. From the best hot chocolate in Bolivia, to sweet meant-to-be savoury salteñas (a kind of pasty with meat, sugar, olives and egg), to some great little cafes. 313 more words


Please read this wonderful story of a barefoot woman and her guide….

“Once I heard an incredibly enlightened person from my own country talking about Cusco or Qosqo, an old Quechua name which he prefered. 42 more words

Living Like A Dog


Rimachi is a jungle adventure novel.

Kevins; a normal dysfunctional urban family is invited by a long lost friend to his Peruvian summer mansion. Everything goes on smoothly, until they find out that their host is the biggest drug lord of Peru and his house is attacked by the rival group. 95 more words


Hopefully Helpful : Perú - Not everyone's favourite country

To start it all off, we arrived at our first destination in Perú (Mancora) at the awkward time of 4 in the morning; we got off the bus all disoriented and there were a few men haggling us for accommodation – no, but thank you. 1,192 more words

South America

November 16th - Battle of Cajamarca 1532

The Battle of Cajamarca was an ambush by the Spanish Conquistadors on the native Inca. They captured the Inca ruler Atahualpa. The Spanish went on to kill thousands of his counsellors, commanders and unarmed attendants in the town squares. 517 more words


Coca sacred plant of the Inca

Coca is one of four plants in the family Erythroxylaceae, cultivated for their psychoactive properties.

Coca has a long history of cultivation, a much longer history than that of its highly processed product cocaine.   319 more words

Jumping Through Peru - Cusco

Cusco was the real start of our Gadventures family’s journey as it was the first guided tour day by Gadventures.

At elevation of 3,399m, it was intended for us to stay a day in Cusco in order to acclimatize to be ready for the Inca Trail where the highest point at Dead Woman’s pass is 4,215m. 614 more words