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Days 33-36: Sacred Valley pt. 2 and the Beginning of the Final Chapter

Between spotty wifi in the Sacred valley and zero wifi while trekking along the Inka Jungle trail to Machu Picchu, I have to apologize for falling behind in my posts. 567 more words

Machu Picchu: Hiram Bingham Discovered the Lost City of the Incas

On July 24th 1911, Hiram Bingham, an academic, explorer and politician from the United States located an ancient Inca settlement in Peru named Machu Picchu. 336 more words

American History

Inca: A Sun God Part 5

Welcome to the fifth and final part of my Inca:  A Sun God run.

It’s 1655, we’ve just taken all of Brittany’s land in South America, and all I have to do now to wrap up this achievement run is to boot France and Spain out of South America, and take those two South Atlantic islands from Portugal.  3,718 more words

Machu Picchu

My July ARCHAEO-Crush is a spectacular Inca site with which you are all familiar… but did you know that it was “discovered” on July 24, 1911 by Hiram Bingham III from Yale University.  204 more words

Did You Know?

Landscape | The Lost Inca City

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Description From Photographer if Any:

Got up 2:30 am in the morning to be the first 10 people entered the lost city that day. 34 more words


Machu Picchu!

On 11th July, I started my journey to Machu Picchu. It became a journey not as expected. It all started in the morning with problems with my tour agency. 900 more words

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