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Walking in the steps of Incas

Sleep deprived and with my legs feeling like lead, I hobbled up to the Sun Gate Рa walled platform high up in the mountains. I  peered through a gap in the bricks to catch my first glimpse of the iconic view that adorns almost every guidebook of South America. 1,648 more words


Seven days in Lima, Peru

Our first week in South America, in Lima the capital of Peru, is over, and fascinating & challenging it was too! Lima is enormous, think of London and double the size & population; then quadruple the noise & traffic congestion (& pollution). 778 more words


Machu bloody Picchu, Peru

The most popular (and expensive) route to Machu Picchu is The Inca Trail. You have to book this in advance which doesn’t¬†really work with our current… 654 more words


Organic Incan Berries or Golden Berries

The mainland of the golden berries (trading name is Incan Berries) is South America.

Actually they are not really berry. Their roots are tomatoes. You can already see that, they seem like little, yellow tomatoes. 118 more words

Into Lima, Peru - with Obama, Putin, Duterte and the gang

So we made it into Lima, Peru in the very very early hours of Saturday 19 November, just a couple hours after Obama, and a wee bit before Putin. 588 more words