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This Incredible Dance Portrays the Impact of Mass Incarceration on African-American Families

Art is both a representation and a reflection of the way things are. It’s also a vision of the way the world might be. And for Kyle Abraham, choreographer and founder of the dance group Abraham.In.Motion, those juxtaposing forces were key in the creation of… 422 more words

Too Legit

So I’ve been dealing with this teensy weensy anger issue lately.  Oh, I’ve always had a hothead lurking behind my smile, and some of you have met her.   1,261 more words


Will I Cry When My Father Dies?

I am the child of an incarcerated parent. I have been the child of an incarcerated parent since the year 2000. I was 10. I am now 26. 1,408 more words


JP124: Chess and Community, and The Silence of the Lambs

The 124

I want to use this space to put a little bit more of myself on the page by editorializing a little bit. I’ve done some of that here, but I want to make it a part of the weekly commitment. 2,777 more words

Current Events

More Lost Letters

I didn’t technically lose the letters. Did I already say this? I can’t remember. There came a point in time when I was ready to move on and I didn’t feel the need to hold onto to the words. 609 more words

Lost Letters

He used to write to me every day while he was in prison. Prison the first time, not prison this time. This time he is writing letters from his cell to someone else. 861 more words

Chapter 23 - Incarceration

Somewhere through the portal Ford let go of the woman’s hand. He realised he still didn’t know what her name was but it was too late for that. 1,358 more words

The Judgement