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Halfway houses are halfway there

This is the first of three blog posts I plan on writing about the Halfway Houses in Anchorage, Alaska. 

There are three halfways houses in Anchorage. 1,406 more words


Analysis: Executing Freedom by Daniel LaChance

In my search for the perfect graduate school, I’ve come across numerous authors, researchers, and professors who have all contributed immensely to the field I hope to study within. 485 more words


Week Sixteen: Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth

On May 12th Attorney General Jeff Sessions released an eight-page memo ordering federal prosecutors to pursue the harshest possible charges against crime suspects including mandatory minimum sentences. 402 more words

System Restore

Within our society, we are faced with a great need for a Criminal Justice system restoration.  Indeed the current one works, however as with most things, just because it works does not mean it cannot improve.   313 more words


Thursday: Alcatraz from the Inside

By Kayla Genord

Rows upon rows of cells line the walkway as I entered the inmates’ quarters on a little island called Alcatraz. I gazed at the robust walls and intimidating bars on each of the cells as I ventured through the building. 473 more words

Thursday: Understanding Prison Numbers Through Context

By Sarah Piper

Including state and federal prisons, local jails, and incarcerated youths, there are 1.66 million inmates in U.S. prison system.

The annual cost to taxpayers of the U.S. 425 more words