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#BanTheBox touted as criminal justice economic boon by @Koch_Industries in @azcentral

This decade may mark one of the most significant shifts in popular thinking about criminal justice issues. Those shifts implicate every stage of the process, from policing, to charging and sentencing, to release terms, and to… 430 more words

Legal Events

“Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption” by Bryan Stevenson

This is another “I didn’t read the book” report, and, again, it’s based on the fact that I heard the author speak. The University where I am employed regularly celebrates Constitution Day. 220 more words

A child of incarceration

Having a parent in jail takes a big toll on a child. Merced resident Jeremiah Castillo reflects on the sleepless nights worrying about his father in jail and the bullying he faced in school. 41 more words



Don’t say it, lest they put you

In prison

With nothing to write with and

No intake paper to tear up into small pieces to make kinesthetic words… 104 more words


Trauma & Incarceration - with Elizabeth Jones

Curiosity takes a different form and focus for those who are incarcerated. In this conversation we explore what’s needed in the transition from prison to community. 42 more words

Scarcity Captures the Mind

It began with this idea of scarcity. That when something is scarce — food, money, time — it takes over our minds and clouds our decisions. 246 more words

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