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Theories of Criminal Behavior: Part 1

Incarceration of Women
According to the studies, children of incarcerated mother can experience an internalizing and externalizing behavior problems, cognitive delays, and difficulties in society. It’s said that they are among society’s most helpless citizens. 212 more words


Prison Log 2

I had an unstable childhood. A plethora of abuse in all forms of the word. I watched violence between my bipolar mother and schizophrenic father. I watched from a very young age. 736 more words



When I first got arrested, and idly standing by (for 3 months) to be sentenced, I began creating a slew of words, onto the reverse-sides of my court paperwork, to express my emotions. 498 more words



I was a freshman in high school when my mom was incarcerated. I went from caring for my brother while my mom was at work trying to keep a roof over our head and food in our stomachs, to emptying our house of everything we owned and moving away from my brother. 286 more words

The Beginning

10 Tips For Surviving a Weekend in Jail

When I accepted a plea deal for my DUI, it came with two days in jail.  Besides the night I spent in the drunk tank, I had never been to jail before.   2,241 more words


What to Expect at the Court Date for Your DUI

The day of reckoning has arrived – your initial court date.  You’ve been anticipating this for weeks, maybe over a month.  You have to go into the courthouse and be called before a judge to meet your fate. 628 more words


7 Steps of a DUI Arrest - With Advice

So you made a decision to drive while drunk. It’s illegal and dangerous. You know better, but you did it anyway.  Maybe you didn’t want to leave your vehicle where it was parked. 1,014 more words