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Operation Encourage! 

My journey through being an inmate wife has made me more aware of the heartache behind those bars. I have heard the voices on the phone and my husband has told me the stories. 325 more words

Study shows software used to predict repeat offenders is no better at it than untrained humans

COMPAS, a piece of software commonly used in the justice system to predict which offenders will find themselves behind bars again, is no better than soliciting random people on Mechanical Turk to determine the same thing, a new study has found. 685 more words


Oh My Love-poetry

Oh my Love
I worry
Oh my Love
With great concern
Oh my Love
You are my everything
A title you don’t have to earn… 134 more words


Love's Journal #22 extension

I’m still fighting my emotions but I can’t let the devil and this temporary circumstance with my husband steal my joy!

Love’s Deep Waters has 100 followers! 36 more words


Inmate Purchased Art-2016-2017 #3-my story

Tri-fold cards were my favorite gifts to receive last year! I think they look so creative and artistic. I hope he finds someone soon to make some more♡ … 28 more words

Inmate Purchased Art 2016-2017 #2-my story

More art my husband paid to have done for me during his first year of incarceration. ♡ My favorite ones I put in frames. When I have a house I might dedicate an entire wall area to just the art he sends!

2018 Love’s Deep Waters

Inmate Purchased Art 2016-2017 #1- my story 

Natural talent locked away! These are the beautiful cards and artwork that my husband trades his sardines and snack cakes for. He has only sent one since going to prison, but I’m sure it will pick up once he’s settled. 6 more words