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This is a horrific video. People with mental illness do not deserve this. Ronald Reagan closed state hospitals when he became president. Over 30 years ago, when Reagan was elected President in 1980, he… 209 more words


Call me Prince . . .

Relationship status: complicatedly married. Vitals: numb. Emotional State: Heavy.

It has been two months, three days and eight hours since I have seen him. Two months, three days and eight hours since our wedding day. 317 more words


John D'emilio 

After Emancipation, incarceration became the successor institution to slavery. If the plantation could no longer serve as a prison without walls, the prison could become a forced labor camp. 19 more words


My Perspective on the Arrest Rates of African Americans in Iowa

My Perspective on the Arrest Rates of African Americans in Iowa

Recently, an old friend from high school and I had a conversation, much like I always do on my facebook page (The Ewing Perspecctive, shameless plug). 1,658 more words

This is your government [on the war] on drugs

A new report shows just how much the war on drugs fundamentally changed the scope of the federal prison system — without any significant benefits to show for it.

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Episode 3!!!!!

Episode 3 is now up. Click the link below to listen!!!

Drinks at the Kitchen Table ep.3