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Praise YAH

I exalt the name of YAHUAH

For HE is my strongtower 




    HE is whom I shall depend on… 195 more words


Breaking Bad RV Incense Burner!

Thinkgeek have released this official badass little incense burner!

It has a door that you can open and close but it only works with the cone style incense. 38 more words

WEEKLY READING: Ace of Cups, VIII of Pentacles, XXI the World

I cleanse the space with the smoke of holy wood, palo santo. A circle of wild crafted sage and black sage for otherworldly wisdom of the moon goddess Artemis. 270 more words


Color Palette

This month’s theme, chosen by Philae (http://philae.over-blog.com/), is “color palette” (palette de couleurs). At least this time nobody complained that the theme was too hard :) 483 more words


Just for this moment

In the heart of the Bayon, the centre and focus of the Angkor temple complex in Cambodia, there is a statue of Buddha. It isn’t old (the ancient statue was destroyed in 1933), it isn’t big, it isn’t particularly beautiful or well crafted. 248 more words


Season Of Love

Aromatherapy has done marvelous wonders for my postpartum depression and birth trauma… More than medication ever has. Losing your twin daughter in childbirth is not something you move on from that easily — but that whole story is for a little bit later. 838 more words

Herbal Mixtures

Here I will talk about herbal mixtures – potions, tinctures, oils, incenses. This post is not meant to have a lot of recipes. I’m just talking about making these things. 965 more words

Herbal Recipes/Magic