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What Do You Get When You Cross A Chromecast Device And A Chain Letter?

The dance team I am on hosts an annual Cabin Trip.  At this Cabin Trip, we exchange gifts with our Secret Cabin Buddy.  This game is eerily similar to the game Secret Santa.   456 more words


Safe harbour

Your home is a safe harbour. Take care of clear, good, peaceful and loving energies at your home.  Clean the space and yourself with incense. Feel, how the energies are and how they change in the course of time. 11 more words


Invoking Good Spirits around you..

Light an incense (I prefer lavender, or sandal).

Light up a candle to illuminate the place and to drive away dark spirits.

Collect some flowers from the garden or park and place them neatly on a dish filled with water.. 74 more words


The Incense and the Artisans (Exodus 30:34 - 31:11)

The incense for the tabernacle would be made of sweet spices, stacte, onycha, galbanum, and pure frankincense.  It would be compounded by the method of a perfumer, salted and beaten.  211 more words

Biblical Reflections

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